Monday, November 23, 2009

Why ????

Thats it that pretty well describes my day. Why???????

Monday, November 2, 2009


The question was asked at a Halloween party. What did you first notice about your spouse? A tough question when you have always known your spouse. I don't remember not knowing her. She has always been their part of my life, and for the last 11.5 years, part of who I am as a person. But this does not mean I don't notice those little romantic things that those couples have when they meet in the store, or street, or at band camp. I remember the way she looked when I saw her at the institute right after I got home. She wore a maroon dress and her hair was down and she had the slightest curl to it. Oh yeah and her smile, she smiled and you could have took me to the alter and I would have said yes right there. I remember on our wedding day when I waited for her to change into her dress. When she appeared beauty took on a whole new meaning to me. Nothing compared to my bride and nothing has since, she is the definition of beauty.
I remember a few weeks before Addy was born in the middle of the night reaching over her and feeling our child in her very uncomfortable belly and feeling pure love for this sleeping woman who was and continues to be my everything. And then there was this morning as I climbed out of bed got dressed, and there in my bed was my family all of them sleeping peacefully, and in the center of my little sleeping world was the girl at the institute, The bride in the temple, the expecting wife and now the mother of my three kids. And she is a better definition of beauty today than ever before.

P.S. She is still my girlfriend.