Saturday, May 30, 2009


If you could would you trade with a different time in your life or someone else for that matter would you. Sounds a little freaky Friday doesn't it. With all of the weddings an engagements we have had this year it has brought on the question, if we could go back to when we were first in love and so twitterpated would we.
My answer is no thanks. Yes it was a fun exciting time in my life and it was a loads of fun but.
I love my wife more because of who she has become rather than who she was then. I love her more because of our trials than without going through them with her. I love the fact that we have learned to work our problems out even if it meant a good old fashioned argument in the wash room of college apartments, and now those times are hilarious. You can learn to love each other when the other person is at there worst. You are proud of your spouse not because she or he is new but because they are the reason you wake up and breathe they are who you are. It is amazing when you feel yourself change from Jon and Trina and just become the Allreds first and Jon and Trina second. You can agree to disagree and it is okay. So in short I would not trade my life now for a million new beginnings. And one day all these new beginnings will feel the same I hope.

P.S. When your wife is as hot as mine it makes it easier to.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer run for your lives.

Yes folks its that time of year. Its hot and every time I look at my schedule I want to cry and curl up in the fetal position in my walk in closet. Why the walk in closet?
A. It is the coldest room in my house.
B. There are no calenders in there.
C. It would be physically impossible to hold a scout camp, family reuinions, weddings, youth conferance, rodeos or a archery hunt in the closet.
Yes folks it is a magical land of peace and prosperity just me shoes clothes books and the occasional visit from Lieghna (she loves the closet too).
But as always we will conquer and overcome this busy summer.

Friday, May 22, 2009

the mysterious mysteries

This blog is just a little rant on a conversation I had with my sister the other day about equality and or the lack there of. And I have been thinking that why? Why do we have the desire to be equal to something we are not. For instance I would not dare try to be equal to my wife or sister or any other woman. Why? Because i am just plain old not that awesome for one thing. They on the3 other hand can stop a crying baby ( I do not have that talent no matter how much but patting or back rubbing I do.). But its not just motherly things they are my superior in. They have way more Faith and faith is the true cornerstone to power in the gospel. It is Faith that moves mountains or changes lives, not the fact that someone has a specific title or calling. It is faith that allows us to see others the way the savior does including ourselves. If you have faith you don't need to know the mysteries of the gospel because they can't save you but your faith and the things that you do because of it will. And Women in general hold that card way better than most men ever will or could. True Some men don't see it that way, but some women don't either and that is dumb. Men are better in some things like farting and starting wild fires or committing major crimes against humanity. So don't even try to equal are greatness in these markets because you will fail.
On another little side note here is my rant on gay marriage. I do not wish to offend and I say this with love not hate. You choose the path you take in life and that path often eliminates certain things naturally. It is the order of things. If you choose to play the tuba you can't sit with the violins in a concert, both are instruments, both make music but... Lets just say you don't get a lot of tuba, violin duets. When you choose to be homosexual and yes I do think in almost all cases it is a choice you choose the path that lifestyle leads you to. You are still a member of society you still can vote and serve and be a positive influence, but marriage is not part of that lifestyle. So why do you need it, You don't play that instrument so why bunch yourselves with that group. In all honesty I don't think it is a equal rights issue it is a identity issue. So there you go, that is my opinion take it for what it is.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi my name is Jon and I break things... Hi Jon.

Yes its true I am on a streak of epic proportions not even the toilet flusher handle is immune to my reign of terror and destruction. Its not like I mean to break everything I touch, it just happens. Lets make a list should we. Now remember you might want to hide the young children and the innocent of heart.
Item #1 my wife's cell phone. Word to the wise never underestimate the amount of druel a 6 month old is capable of producing. And this said druel is bad for phones. who knew, unfortunately I now have this knowledge and am happy to share it.
item #2 My wife's I pod I don't know how, but just touching it was enough to send it on the fritz. It has since recovered but I have also been kind of avoiding it.
Item #3 Addys heart. In the struggle for bedtime supremacy she informed me that I had broken her heart. I informed her that she should get in line somewhere behind the I pod.
Item #4 The flusher handle on our toilet let me diagram for you. Jon+toilet in need of flushing = a broken toilet handle. Get the picture.
Item #5 My manhood. here is another diagram for your viewing pleasure. Jon+speeding jumping two year old with laser guided knees= well you get the picture. And what a ugly picture it is.
I truly hope this string of crappy luck ends soon I don't know if I not only crossed paths with a black cat I think I ran it over.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I read a little quote on a picture frame today that said "the memories of the people we have lost become memories we treasure." I don't know who wrote this quote but it is truly profound and yet flawed in one way. What prevents us from striving to make the memories of those still with us equally important. My memories of my Mom are some of my happiest. I overheard her yesterday talking about how she felt like she was not always there for us. I beg to differ she was always there. She was a phone call away or a trip up to the clinic on the way home from school. She was a trip up to Provo to shop. She was a friend you could and can still talk your hardest problems out with. She is your allied force in a disagreement but she will let you know if she thinks your wrong. She is the mom at every game even the cold ones. She is the letter you could count on every week of your mission. She gives the best hugs when you are hurt or when she is hurting. She is a awesome grandma. My kids are lucky like I am, two totally awesome grandmas . She is brave kind courteous and respectful despite not being a eagle scout. She is full of faith and yet humble enough to still want to know. She is funny and does not know it most of the time. Mom I could go on all night because you are that incredible. I know this mother day is hard for you. I know it hurts and you feel alone but you are not. Grandma is with you every step of the way. She has not lessened her love for us but turned it up a notch. And you are a awesome mom because she is a awesome mom and we all love you both so much.
Love you Momma, Happy Mothers day.

P.S. I know the mothers day before Grandpa died was extremly hard for you. I can't imagine how hard that time in your life was. But I just have been thinking a lot about what you told me last night and when you pushed Grandpa home from the hospital that afternoon to be with his family on his own front porch surrounded by the ones he loved. I can't imagine anything that could have filled his heart with more joy and love and I think if he could have expressed it he would have told you thanks for the simple act of service that you performed for him that let him know that it was okay for him to go to his heavenly home, his work was done. So for him, Thanks for the ride Jill.