Friday, April 1, 2011

Ode to dipped cotton balls

I myself am not the biggest fan of getting pranked but do to the fact that this is the day we prank here are a few classless acts I would like to pay homage to. The classic happened when I was a kid. My wife decided in her sick mind to take cotton balls and dip them like chocolate covered candy. She then had me and her brother try her new creation. If you have never bit into a cotton ball go to the bathroom find a cotton ball, clean preferably and take a bite. i will wait.... Now how was that, good huh, actually it is a sensation like fingernails on the chalk board in your mouth. But in true best friend fashion Jon ate the chocolate off the cotton balls after we discovered them. Chocolate does not grow on trees you know. Wait a minute, yes it does but anyways. As a final note be kind don't get to aggressive have a heart. And most of all let me know how your pranks go.