Saturday, December 19, 2009


I have been watching my kids for the last two days all by my lonesome. (And I do mean LONESOME.) Baby come home. This experience has taught me a important fact. Heavenly Father knew what he was doing. Moms rock, they just do, it comes naturally to most. My wife might not realize it but the world she lives in revolves around her, not the sun. My poor kids are lost because they feel like the sun is gone and been replaced by the DEATH STAR from STAR WARS. I think I caught my kids plotting my demise. I could not figure out why they kept calling Port red leader and Buggy kept making Chew Bacca sounds. We really need our sun back. Two little girls can complete kick a dad out of a king size bed in minutes. I am a sucker for big blue and brown eyes pleading to sleep in mom and dads bed. Next time I will just say NO. We need our sun back. MY wife is like a 4'10" ball of love. She is a recipe of good women combined. She is not perfect true. But she is close. Her little Purt is a little lost today he keeps looking for her and coming back to me in disgust. He needs his sun back. If my kids eat another mickey mouse chicken nugget, they might turn into one. My desire to cook left with Tink. I am a suckey Mother.

Oh yeah did I mention. WE NEED OUR SUN BACK.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My mom and the who, what, why, and whens of Jill.

The Who. No not the rock band the WHO, my mom. My mom is the greatest, she is kind yet firm. (She will let me have a diet Pepsi but with limits and a accusation of me drinking a whole twelve pack.) She is funny and most people would not guess it, but a lot of our humor comes from her. She is a wise counselor and a great listener. She is a worrier, its a art form really, and she is the, Da Vinci of worriers. I think she sometimes worries about twenty year old stuff just for kicks and giggles. She is love, pure and sweet. She is alot like a thin mint, the good ones, sweet clear through. Yet she has layers and you end up eating the whole box and hiding it from granny. I think Matt did that and told me about it.
What? Mom is a warm half drunk diet Pepsi. Mom is fighting off a migraine. Mom is a back seat driver. Mom is lunch at Costco. Mom is taking time for each one of her kids. Mom is a fun Grandma. Mom is a great friend. Mom is sometimes a lot Iona sometimes a little.
Why? Mom is who she is because of three major choices she has made. First to be a active member of her own family and stay close to them. She loves her brother and sisters completely. And her parents shaped her into who she is today. Second she chose her testimony of Christ over the easy way out. She could have decided four kids and church was a bad idea. She could have decided it was easier to stay home. But she stuck to her faith and we made her pay for it every Sunday for several years. I just want to say thanks Mom. Thanks ETERNALLY.
Third was her choice to marry my Dad. Not easy, not the popular choice. But the right one. It was easy to decide to get married when I did, because I had a great example of how happy a marriage could be. They are still boyfriend and girlfriend.
When? I think of my mom every day. When I see a diet Pepsi. When I make a important decision. She is always there to listen and give her advise. She is more than just a Mom she is a friend. She is comfort after a crappy day. She is the manager in your corner that kicks you back in the ring even though she knows you might lose. And when you do lose there is no better place than in her arms because she give great hugs.
Love ya MOM

Monday, November 23, 2009

Why ????

Thats it that pretty well describes my day. Why???????

Monday, November 2, 2009


The question was asked at a Halloween party. What did you first notice about your spouse? A tough question when you have always known your spouse. I don't remember not knowing her. She has always been their part of my life, and for the last 11.5 years, part of who I am as a person. But this does not mean I don't notice those little romantic things that those couples have when they meet in the store, or street, or at band camp. I remember the way she looked when I saw her at the institute right after I got home. She wore a maroon dress and her hair was down and she had the slightest curl to it. Oh yeah and her smile, she smiled and you could have took me to the alter and I would have said yes right there. I remember on our wedding day when I waited for her to change into her dress. When she appeared beauty took on a whole new meaning to me. Nothing compared to my bride and nothing has since, she is the definition of beauty.
I remember a few weeks before Addy was born in the middle of the night reaching over her and feeling our child in her very uncomfortable belly and feeling pure love for this sleeping woman who was and continues to be my everything. And then there was this morning as I climbed out of bed got dressed, and there in my bed was my family all of them sleeping peacefully, and in the center of my little sleeping world was the girl at the institute, The bride in the temple, the expecting wife and now the mother of my three kids. And she is a better definition of beauty today than ever before.

P.S. She is still my girlfriend.

Friday, October 16, 2009

What kind of kid was I?

Today I watched kids so my sis and lovely wife could go have some fun. And I have been thinking what kind of kid was I. There are all types of kids, short kids , fat kids, kids that climb on rocks. I had five of the little buggers all morning. Here is a brief explanation of these little rug rats.
K.J. The oldest of the Allred grand kids. KJ is a good kid with a gentle heart that is sometimes mistaken for being girly. Sometimes I think KJ is more manly than most of us because he cares. Cares about others, feelings, thoughts, actions and desires. He then takes this caring and turns it into action. Real men care, and one day KJ will truly be a real man. And one day he will score a touchdown while being a really caring man.
Addy is a bundle of love. She is sensitive and I am already scared of the thirteen year old version of Addy. She loves me and loves to help when it suits what she wants to do. She is smart and loves to learn.
Lieghna is crazy, fun, hungry, loves to laugh, mischievous, and a great friend. She lives life with passion . Her foot on the gas all the time.
Olivia, She is figuring herself out. She is a cute monster. she is fun and leighnas partner in crime. And she can eat, as long as it is not bread. She ate a can of spaghetios by herself, what a gal.
Port. He is my buddy. Calmer than his sisters. He loves balls and tools and trucks. He is not afraid of much. He loves to laugh.
Every kid has there strengths, and weaknesses like we adults do. Some strengths we keep, some we lose and the weaknesses are the same. I look forward to getting to know these kids as adults they have endless potential.

PS I was a awesome kid.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A life of glaomour and high fashion.

Life sometimes seems very odd. There are those days when you feel completely at peace at your place in the universe. You are just content, not ecstatic or overwhelmed with joy but content. Today I want content. Content sounds nice, to be right where I am, and who i am and find myself at peace. But life sometimes is not that way. I live with two very wild and crazy little girls who do not like content, they like drama. And in this life of little girl drama resides me and my wife. I am afraid that if some prince knocked on my door she would be gone. He would not even have to be handsome or charming, just a Prince. And there I would be with two drama queens and prt. And she would live a life with maids and servants and money to spare. Heck I am a boring person even the color that looks best on me is boring, Brown. Well if anyone sees a Prince in my neighborhood looking for a address run him over for me, or at least mislead him a little, tell him we moved to Bogota.

Monday, October 5, 2009


What a gal my mom is. She is patient and kind and has always tried to do her best. And as her son I would do anything to protect her from hurtful words or strife. When she gets hurt because of someones thoughtless act, it shall we say,gets her chicks ire up. Recently her feelings were hurt by someone and this person is lucky President Monsen talked about anger or this said person (I shall refer to this person as Sparky,) Sparky would have had several angry Allred children calling for blood. But like my Mom always does she told her offended brood to calm down and move on with love. So reluctantly we put the pitchforks down and extinguished our torches and moved on. Why? I sometimes ask that question of my self. The answer lies in our source. A source so powerful that it protected the two thousand stripling warriors, and made them always turn to the Savior. That source is our Mother and she taught us to try harder and be better than our best. So that is what we will do. Thanks MOM.

P.S. If you need us to pull out the torches and pitchforks we will keep them handy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Squeeky wheel.

Every family has the , "squeaky wheel." We all know the person, the kid who needs to get it there way or, lets just say life gets less pleasant for everyone. I am lucky I married the least squeaky wheel of all . And tonight I let her here me squeak like crazy. And she just let me do it I squeaked hissed bumped rattled and whined like a two year old. Minus the throwing myself on the floor in a full tantrum, (I won't lie I was close). The whole time she just listened and nodded. I feel guilt now that it is over. I hate squeaky wheels, in fact I hate all automaobile noises. I enjoy a fine tuned machine. And then I did what I hated most. I am sorry. I need to be grateful, the opposite of gratitude is whining, and I did go forth and I did Whine. And the Whine was good. But now it is over, and despite a case of PMS (pissy man syndrome) I am back to normal. Well normal for me at least. Thanks Tink you are awesome.

P.S. If BYU loses you should come see me throw myself on the floor like a two year old. If you don't think I would do it, just ask Tink she knows what I am capable of.

P.S.S. This new band OWL CITY is really catchy and upbeat. It really is a mood changer.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PIECES of you

Life is fragile, and all to short. Minutes to days, to weeks to years and next thing we know a lifetime has passed. I believe that we take, and leave pieces of ourselves as we go. With the passing of my Grandma Allred I feel the piece of my heart temporarily ripped put. But not gone. The piece that was owned by my Grandma will soon be returned after the pain of her leaving this mortal realm, is replaced by the sweet assurance, of the fact she is still here in so many ways . She is here in the songs that she sang to me as a child. "How much is that doggy in the window." "Give said the little stream." And countless others. She is here when I hold one of my "dears" close to me before bed time. She is here when I see beautiful long brown hair with just a tint of red shimmer in the sun. She is here when I feel the sweet spirit whisper peace to my soul. Her love was and is the pure kind of love. Her love soothed the crying child and comforted the sick. She is here when I ponder faith. She did not just have faith she was faith. her faith packed power. Her faith in the Savior reached beyond the norm and touched true knowledge. She did not just believe in, she knew Christ and he in return knows her. How sweet a Reunion it was this morning when at long last she found herself in his loving embrace again. She did not need to feel the marks on his hands and feet, or the wound on his side. She already knew they were there and what he had done for her, and all of us. She showed us all every day that she knew, in the way she lived her life. Thank you Grandma for being a huge piece of my life. In the cake of my life you are one of the sweetest pieces.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Dreams do come true.

As a father you want your child to succeed. I am proud of all my children but right now my heart is doing flip flops of joy. My boy loves, drum roll please, football! That's right folks at the tender age of ten months he has got talent. He has great hands and can already roll out of the pocket. He will eventually have several large colleges looking at him but I suggest bronco offer first. I am pretty sure with some work we can teach him to write his name in time to sign the letter of intent. Sure you are all saying, " there is old Jon smoking the wacky weed again." To this I say no, (but I did eat some brownies yesterday). I am not one of those parents. He will start school on time. And he will defy his genetic makeup and be 6'4" 240, all muscle. I am so proud. I suggest you pre order your season tickets now. And he will maybe he will mention you in his Heisman acceptance speech.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Difference!

While thinking about the title for this blog I remembered something my cousin told me this weekend. While discussing my Grandmas health she told me, "You remember a different Grandma than I do." . Tonight I have been pondering that statement and have come to the conclusion, she is right. Let me tell you a little about my Grandma so you will see, even a little the Grandma I know. My Grandma is love, she loves completely, her love is strong, her love is warm, her love is kind. My Grandma always tried her best even under limited means. She might not have given you the biggest present but I have never been more excited about a ten cent Popsicle than when it came from my Grandma, (In the form of a homemade coupon to my Grandpas store.) She always had time for me. In a world with a million demands on her time and talents, I was her Jonny and I was important. She would just talk to me and tell me stories or listen to my great adventure from the day. And at Grandmas house with twelve cousins around my age adventure was easy to find.
Despite our religious differences she always focused on the similarities, she taught me about our saviors love. She taught me the song, "Give said the little stream." She showed me how to be Christlike, always, no matter what. She loved my Grandpa completely. She didn't just love him she was in love with him, she looked for Little things she could do to serve him. I always remember her being really happy when he was there for dinner. We used to go down to my Grandpas office downstairs and he would tell us how amazing our grandma was, and he was right.
Well, i could go on all night, but I will end with a top ten list. Top ten awesome things about my Grandma.
10. She could pick one side of a piano up by herself. Could your Grandma do that? Yeah, I didn't think so.
9. She baked her own bread twice a week. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Grandma Sycamore.
8. She has 84 grand kids, she knows and loves us all. Some more than others.(sorry Marie)
7. She can hold a sliced open leg together, with her bare hands, for a half an hour. My leg to be precise.
6. She loves to act like she does not care. Her favorite thing to say to my Aunt Alice is WHATEVER, just because it drives Alice crazy.
5. She still has the prettiest hair ever.
4. She is the slowest eater in the history of mankind. Word of advise, just say no to Chuck a Rama..
3. She makes the best Mac and Cheese.
2. She loves unconditionally.
1. I have the greatest Grandmas ever. I challenge anyone to a staring contest if they disagree.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nine Years Later.

Nine years ago in July, I got really lucky and married my best friend. And yes I know your supposed to say, "Gee golly beave my wife is my best friend." Because as a Mormon male if you don't, things can start to look, lets say Telestial. But really, in my case I mean it, she is my best friend. We are older, rounder, slower, and that is just me. She still makes me laugh. Just the other day we were laying there in bed talking and I told her I had a romantic dream the night before. Well she informed me, that she had a dreamed people had raided our house and destroyed our house and separated us. Wow, what do you say to that. I told her that there was obviously a huge difference in our dreams. Her reply was this, "Yeah I know, the difference is my dream could come true." I married a comedian. Time spent with someone you truly love is never wasted. And I don't want to waste a second. I love her quirks, like the fact she needs a list for everything. Even if it is just one thing it goes on the list. Or the fact that she cannot physically force herself to go to bed before 11 P.M. and most nights that's early. She is beautiful and smart, a great mom and a better friend. And even on those days we want to kill each other and move to Canada, we can still lay down in bed next to each other and say honestly when the lamp clicks off, "I LOVE YOU."

P.S. Don't be overly concerned about Tinks dream she is required to have at least one of those dreams a month. She thinks about that stuff a lot. It is one of those quirks, but if anyone comes we will be prepared. Just as long as there are no wolves, she hates wolves.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rise and Shout

Yes folks the season is upon us. I am so ready and I like to think that my wife and children are ready for it as well. I know Addy is this afternoon she sat on my lap looked up excitedly and said B! I just looked at her and she informed me that after she says B. I am required to say Y! We then finished this great cheer with a loud cheerful COUGARS!!! I am so proud of my children, spiritual pure of heart giants of men. I could not help but sing a verse from Saturdays Warrior with a tear of joy in my eye "Who are these children coming down." I am sure most of you would see and understand my pride. My little girl all grown up and learning the difference between a 3-4 and a 4-3 defense. She even knows that on third and one with a great running back and a huge line you don't throw you run. Or maybe she has heard me yell it every fall of her short life and now she just knows its like second nature.
All is right with the BYU season at this point we are undefeated. It is happiness all around. I even noticed a little crispness in the air. that cool breeze on a hot day that teases you into believing that fall is near.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Peace like a river.

This is nor one of my ever exciting stories this is a blog so deal with my rant please. I was thinking what it would and will feel like to rap up in the arms of Christ. I can only imagine the excitement of the moment but everytime I think of the moment I can only think of one feeling Peace. Peace from the world. Peace from worry and peace from daily strife. No loss no grief no pain no war in the heart. Just warm loving peace. I hope he thinks of me as his friend. I hope he lets his atonement wash my sins away. I hope he stands as my advocate. With him I know I will find that peace. I remember when I knew he loved me. Not just me as in I am me one of a trillion chidren of our Heavenly Father. But me as what I can be. He knows me personally. He knows my likes he knows I like fishing and hunting. He knows I like football and sports. He knows my loves and my hates. And what is more amazing to me is he cares about that stuff. His love is the river that runs through our hearts and brings the peace to our soul. I pray I will always strive to have that peace in my heart ALWAYS.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Story @ Real men skin skunks. Yeah real stupid men

Yes as you might have guessed already my second story has all the elements of a great story. Adventure, Boldness, and a tragic hero in the end. Let me say to start is generally I am a rather intelligent fellow but when me and my brother in law get together we sometimes are twelve years old again and those twelve year old brains do things that as a adult would say are STUPID. A few summers ago we were in Nephi and my brother in law Jon came running into the house with the exciting news that he had hit the mother load of practical jokes, a skunk skin. Only problem was it was still attached to the very much alive and ticked off skunk. The skunk had been in the live trap all day and was not thrilled. Upon further investigation we turned are adult brains off and began to think like boys. We made the game plan all we needed was a checklist
1. Big old piece of carpet. Check
2. Cage with big old skunk in it. Check
3. two stupid brothers. Check
4. Truck to load skunk in. Check
5. Creek to drowned skunk in. Check
Yes folks we do not go into things willy nilly we think things out. So here's how it went. We approached the skunk carpet up and prepared for spray. Now let me tell you from experience from a distance skunks stink but once you have experienced a full spray up close and personal it does not just stink it is all encompassing. It makes every part of you want to barf then die. So the skunk sprayed the carpet and we had our skunk loaded in the truck for the ride to the creek and doom. At the creek things continued to go swimmingly. Jon did not want to ruin his new boots so I had to get in to drown the evil creature from heck. All the while Jon laughed as I stood on the carpet on the cage in the middle of the creek.
Next came the skinning. Now I have skinned many animals and never have gotten sick or grossed out until this moment. Heavenly father never intended skunks to be skinned it was not part of the plan and those who go against his plan are punished. And we were I have never felt more smote than while I was skinning that skunk. It was indescribably awful. Yucky yuck yuck. Icky poo poo. and several other bad things.
Well it all worked out Jon got his skunk skin tanned and it turned out great I feel like I should have gotten visitation rights or something. Next time i think we will just go buy a realistic looking stuffed animal skunk. Now every time I drive down the road and smell a skunk it gags me to the point of chunks. Next time someone says they hit the mother load of practical jokes run real fast and don't stop

Friday, July 24, 2009

three truths and one lie story 1. Merry Christmas.

Yes my wife has convinced me to give this story format a go so here goes four exciting story's from my life.

Last Christmas we went to Trinas family Christmas party at one of her Uncles house. We were all having a great time the house was crowded and full of fun christmas spirit. We had a fun delicious dinner and were just starting into dessert when the incident happened we were all crowded in the living room and I decided to be extra friendly to trinas cousin who I was trying to be extra friendly too. So I walked over to her sat down and said hi there blank (names have been changed to protect all parties involved.) I then grabbed her leg not hard but just in the friendly knee squeeze. Well from blanks reaction you would have thought I had squoze her leg off. She lost it and started hitting me in a failed attempt to beat the living crap out of me. After a good solid minute of this futile beating she wore her self out so I asked if she had hurt herself by hitting me so hard so many times. I said this to prevent myself from getting upset and throwing blank through the window into the cold. Well I went back to eating my piece of pie while the rest of the family just stared at me in shock wondering what the heck that one was all about. And frankly I was trying to figure it out myself. So there I sat calm and mad but completly under control. A minute later blank returned with a glass of cold water that she felt the need to throw on me. So she did. And there i sat wet, eating undercooked apple pie not really feeling the christmas spirit anymore and trying not to lose my cool. Because I love my wife and her family I chose to stay reasonable and not spill any blood at the family christmas party. At the time this was a huge insult and i was madder than heck. But now looking back it was such a absurd incident that I can't help but laugh. And I completly avoid blank because windows are expensive and not easily replaced.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Blood sucking Vampires.

Yes folks it is true I am a proud donater of Plasma. Yes someone soon will be feeling much better because they have a little bit of my awesomness to help them though the day. But let be honest for a second there was a moment during that second go around where I felt like a dairy cow only without the utters. You are lined up in rows and they hook you all up to machines and a hour latter you are done. Minus the cud chewing and the smell it was very dairyesque. And blood is not very romantic when you get away from twilight books. In fact it is a little weird to look across the aisle and see blood from another person coming into a machine and back out again. But there are perks the cows have there hay and I get 50 bucks a week and a hour in a super comfortable chair. cows don't even get that . There are every sort at the plasma place and for a people watcher like myself i must admit it is somewhat entertaining. You have your chatty Kathys and your trucker dudes you have the pretty boys and the cowboys, the skaters and the jocks. It is a lot like High School Musical minus the annoying songs. oh yeah and the blood. So maybe I will see some of you there all the cool kids are doing it. Minus my wife she is nursing and can't right now. I bet you won't hear that sentence in High School musical 4 but you never know.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dog days of summer

Holy crap it is hot out there. Not the kind where you think oh i will be okay out there its just a little uncomfortable. No this hot is the holy crap kind. The kind that kills brain cells. Like that old saturday morning commercial with the frying egg "this is your brain. This is your brain outside today" crap plop sizzle. Summer is hit the drag phase. Its hot, the holidays are almost over and school is just around the corner. Sorry kids I just had to say it. Her I will say it again School. Did you get the chills, I did. We watched the movie fever pitch last night and the sad thing was I saw some of myself in the main dude. Only BYU football is my weakness. I get a little crazy and intense about football. I am normally such a normal coolheaded dude that sometimes I suprise myself by doing things like throwing up a little in my mouth when I see Uof U junk and stuff like that. Or the time I could not watch the super bowl and spiked a VHS tape in a moment of rage. Not a proud moment but I found out that you can spike a tape and it might not break. This is a preseason thank you to my wife. Thanks Babe for letting me be who I am and still loveing me and even playing along sometimes. She avoids the color red during the fall. What a woman. She even bought me season tickets two years ago for our anniversery. We were at the 13th floor of the Joseph Smith Building and the couple was getting engaged next to us. Well needless to say I was more excited about my season tickets than that girl was about her ring. I even cried a little I was so happy. That was so awesome. Well now that I have rambled on I will leave you with a famous quote " Its so hot here Benny I am bakin like a toasted cheeser"

Friday, July 3, 2009


Sometimes the moment just hits and wappoh. You miss someone. And that moment just hit. But it is hitting me different everytime. It is not the sorrow hit but the miss the wise counsel kind. Sometimes I wish I could justy crawl up next to Granny, play with her arm flab eat a piece of freedent and tell her all my problems and let her tell me how amazing I am. Because she always no matter what, thought you were. Why? Why did she see the best in people? Because she knew who people are inside and everyone has some good potential. Why she would even like Obama because he is as my Granny was, Shhh I'll whisper it a DEMOCRAT. Yes its true. The only person Granny hated was Bush. And she did flip off Huntsman at peach days but she has since forgiven him i'm sure. Huntsman not Bush never Bush. But back on track.
She made you feel the peace that comes from pure faith and love. She just loved us. She loved my kids my wife. And she loved me. Yes in my family the name of Granny is sacred and for those who did not get the pleasure of her companyI am sorry, but she had some important things to tend to she probably is taking all those trips her and Granpa missed out on. Airfare is cheap in paradise. But sometimes I know she is here with us just to check and make sure and let us know we are awesome. She is there when I smell a rose. She is there when I test my wifes seafood salad. She is there when I freak out and pull a Iona. She is there when I hold my kids just like she used to. And the thing I am looking forward to the most this Ute Stampede/Sperry reunion is that she will be there. She loves a party and this should be a good one. Love ya Granny . Thanks

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sometimes !@#$ really does stink.

Yes today was one of those special days when a person wakes up smells the fresh clean air and says "Gee I really hope I run into a sewar problem today." Yes folks today was my lucky day at work. For several weeks a camp host at work has complained about his sewar drain being clogged and we finnally were able to get the sewar snake today and went to tackle the problem. Well about five feet down the snake stopped and wouldn't go any farther so we got a rod and just could not unjam the pipe. So we had to dig it out by hand of course and there was special stuff in this pipe because there would have to be or it just would not be fun. About halfway down we noticed how loose the pipe was and thought oh great its broke so we kept on digging finnaly after playing in the fun stuff for about two hours we hit bottom and discovered !!!! oh the excitment is killing you isn't it. We found out he had been pumping his stuff down the water shut off valve pipe not the sewar the actuals sewar was located five feet away clean and clear completly free of plugs. Yes folks we had been misled but we learned a valuable lesson . No wait we really did'nt but it is funy now. When I was in the recently dug hole I really had to search for the humor. But I didn't want to search to hard due to the location of said humor.

Monday, June 29, 2009

One Morning I woke up.

Life is like the kid in middle school that everyone gives a hard time for being the shorty and all of a sudden they come back from summer 6'5" and 240 and hairy because puberty hit em hard. My life seems to take that same path one minute I am the squirly 14 year old and the next minute its three in the morning and I am alone in the leader tent yelling at the sqirly 14 year olds to SHUT UP and go to sleep. One year you go to the pageant just to enjoy the confy confines of the blanket section. And you turn around and your praying that you get a chair because your back just can't take the blanket section anymore. They say that being old is hard but after spending a weekend observing the end that is just starting, the growing old end is not so bad. You don't have to worry about the what if I can't make it because you learn that every problem has a solution and you can live through a lot before you die. It was fun to kick it with the youth for a few days though they are awesome and good and several things that I was not at there age. But I have faith in the future because I know that they are not going to fail. They have fortitude and endurance even at three in the morning after a very long day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


There are those times when you just need to be grateful for what you have and put the wants in the rear view mirror for a minute. Today i am GRATEFUL for what I have. I watched the kids today and I am grateful for a wife who sacrifices almost everything for us. Yes I do realize it is a sacrifice. There are not enough gold stars in the world to give my wife. She asked me today if I was still happy with my life. The answer is yes sure I might have a little more stress and more to worry about but with my family how could I not be happy. And yes dear you make me happy. I am grateful for my girls they are my babe and bug and they are also my buddies. I always got asked if I wish I had boys, pre Port and I can honestly say, no way I love my girls I love there pink and purples I love there princeses and I love that they love me. And Addy this morning informed me that the best part of fishing was touching the worms. Thats my girl. I am grateful for porter the kid is just my buddy he is fun cute and destined to start for BYU, and I think he is a awesome spirit and was sent to us for a special purpose. Not just to lead BYU to a championship but a real purpose.
My job. I know sounds wierd but I love my job it is a great job and I am really grateful for it and the people I work with.
My Dads thanks for being who you are no m atter what you both have different qualities but I think you are the greatest happy fathers day.
Yes I am one blessed guy and just think somepeople get the looks but I got everything else

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yes it is my weak point my one chink in my armor my sore spot, my popular girl that you hate in high school. It is the scouts. Not the boys because I honestly love all the boys they are awesome. I love doing things with them and getting to know them. I just have issues with the bureaucracy bull crap that prevails most of scouting. Boy I sound bitter and maybe I am and I am the first person to tell you i need to just get over it and I will because i am good enough I am strong enough and gosh darnett people like me. Yet here I am on the cusp of another high adventure scout camp. Which will be fun but let me explain something. First I have never been high, not even buzzed so the first part of high adventure does not fit. Second I am boring I am not adventure. I wish I was exciting like a cliff climber or white water expert or scuba dude but I am just me, boring. I love coming home to my family every night and holding my wife. I really hate being away from her. She probably will agree on the boring part. I enjoy reading a good book and watching a sporting event or even playing sports. i try to be exciting but it just comes off annoying to me and everyone around me. Maybe I would enjoy adventure if I was high but due to the fact that it is illegal and I am a card carrying Mormon that idea is out. So wish me luck. I will try to keep my bore to a minimum.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


If you could would you trade with a different time in your life or someone else for that matter would you. Sounds a little freaky Friday doesn't it. With all of the weddings an engagements we have had this year it has brought on the question, if we could go back to when we were first in love and so twitterpated would we.
My answer is no thanks. Yes it was a fun exciting time in my life and it was a loads of fun but.
I love my wife more because of who she has become rather than who she was then. I love her more because of our trials than without going through them with her. I love the fact that we have learned to work our problems out even if it meant a good old fashioned argument in the wash room of college apartments, and now those times are hilarious. You can learn to love each other when the other person is at there worst. You are proud of your spouse not because she or he is new but because they are the reason you wake up and breathe they are who you are. It is amazing when you feel yourself change from Jon and Trina and just become the Allreds first and Jon and Trina second. You can agree to disagree and it is okay. So in short I would not trade my life now for a million new beginnings. And one day all these new beginnings will feel the same I hope.

P.S. When your wife is as hot as mine it makes it easier to.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer run for your lives.

Yes folks its that time of year. Its hot and every time I look at my schedule I want to cry and curl up in the fetal position in my walk in closet. Why the walk in closet?
A. It is the coldest room in my house.
B. There are no calenders in there.
C. It would be physically impossible to hold a scout camp, family reuinions, weddings, youth conferance, rodeos or a archery hunt in the closet.
Yes folks it is a magical land of peace and prosperity just me shoes clothes books and the occasional visit from Lieghna (she loves the closet too).
But as always we will conquer and overcome this busy summer.

Friday, May 22, 2009

the mysterious mysteries

This blog is just a little rant on a conversation I had with my sister the other day about equality and or the lack there of. And I have been thinking that why? Why do we have the desire to be equal to something we are not. For instance I would not dare try to be equal to my wife or sister or any other woman. Why? Because i am just plain old not that awesome for one thing. They on the3 other hand can stop a crying baby ( I do not have that talent no matter how much but patting or back rubbing I do.). But its not just motherly things they are my superior in. They have way more Faith and faith is the true cornerstone to power in the gospel. It is Faith that moves mountains or changes lives, not the fact that someone has a specific title or calling. It is faith that allows us to see others the way the savior does including ourselves. If you have faith you don't need to know the mysteries of the gospel because they can't save you but your faith and the things that you do because of it will. And Women in general hold that card way better than most men ever will or could. True Some men don't see it that way, but some women don't either and that is dumb. Men are better in some things like farting and starting wild fires or committing major crimes against humanity. So don't even try to equal are greatness in these markets because you will fail.
On another little side note here is my rant on gay marriage. I do not wish to offend and I say this with love not hate. You choose the path you take in life and that path often eliminates certain things naturally. It is the order of things. If you choose to play the tuba you can't sit with the violins in a concert, both are instruments, both make music but... Lets just say you don't get a lot of tuba, violin duets. When you choose to be homosexual and yes I do think in almost all cases it is a choice you choose the path that lifestyle leads you to. You are still a member of society you still can vote and serve and be a positive influence, but marriage is not part of that lifestyle. So why do you need it, You don't play that instrument so why bunch yourselves with that group. In all honesty I don't think it is a equal rights issue it is a identity issue. So there you go, that is my opinion take it for what it is.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi my name is Jon and I break things... Hi Jon.

Yes its true I am on a streak of epic proportions not even the toilet flusher handle is immune to my reign of terror and destruction. Its not like I mean to break everything I touch, it just happens. Lets make a list should we. Now remember you might want to hide the young children and the innocent of heart.
Item #1 my wife's cell phone. Word to the wise never underestimate the amount of druel a 6 month old is capable of producing. And this said druel is bad for phones. who knew, unfortunately I now have this knowledge and am happy to share it.
item #2 My wife's I pod I don't know how, but just touching it was enough to send it on the fritz. It has since recovered but I have also been kind of avoiding it.
Item #3 Addys heart. In the struggle for bedtime supremacy she informed me that I had broken her heart. I informed her that she should get in line somewhere behind the I pod.
Item #4 The flusher handle on our toilet let me diagram for you. Jon+toilet in need of flushing = a broken toilet handle. Get the picture.
Item #5 My manhood. here is another diagram for your viewing pleasure. Jon+speeding jumping two year old with laser guided knees= well you get the picture. And what a ugly picture it is.
I truly hope this string of crappy luck ends soon I don't know if I not only crossed paths with a black cat I think I ran it over.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I read a little quote on a picture frame today that said "the memories of the people we have lost become memories we treasure." I don't know who wrote this quote but it is truly profound and yet flawed in one way. What prevents us from striving to make the memories of those still with us equally important. My memories of my Mom are some of my happiest. I overheard her yesterday talking about how she felt like she was not always there for us. I beg to differ she was always there. She was a phone call away or a trip up to the clinic on the way home from school. She was a trip up to Provo to shop. She was a friend you could and can still talk your hardest problems out with. She is your allied force in a disagreement but she will let you know if she thinks your wrong. She is the mom at every game even the cold ones. She is the letter you could count on every week of your mission. She gives the best hugs when you are hurt or when she is hurting. She is a awesome grandma. My kids are lucky like I am, two totally awesome grandmas . She is brave kind courteous and respectful despite not being a eagle scout. She is full of faith and yet humble enough to still want to know. She is funny and does not know it most of the time. Mom I could go on all night because you are that incredible. I know this mother day is hard for you. I know it hurts and you feel alone but you are not. Grandma is with you every step of the way. She has not lessened her love for us but turned it up a notch. And you are a awesome mom because she is a awesome mom and we all love you both so much.
Love you Momma, Happy Mothers day.

P.S. I know the mothers day before Grandpa died was extremly hard for you. I can't imagine how hard that time in your life was. But I just have been thinking a lot about what you told me last night and when you pushed Grandpa home from the hospital that afternoon to be with his family on his own front porch surrounded by the ones he loved. I can't imagine anything that could have filled his heart with more joy and love and I think if he could have expressed it he would have told you thanks for the simple act of service that you performed for him that let him know that it was okay for him to go to his heavenly home, his work was done. So for him, Thanks for the ride Jill.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A promised chuckle

This one is for Matt whom I promised to lay of the mushy stuff and write a funny one gosh dangit. So her you go my fine brother I hope you enjoy this blog and it gives you a chuckle.
I played softball today and for the first time in my life I argued on behalf of a ref. This is truly a rair almost non existent event. Yes shockingly enough I am a little passionate about sporting events. I have to remind myself to remain calm watching little league games when I don't know anyone. I take BYU games personally if there is a bad call you might as well have slapped my grandma and kissed my wife. That's right I get a little worked up. I am on a self imposed ban from church basketball. i don't want to add to the problems I face on judgement day and there is the whole love your neighbor thing. It never said trash talk your brother in the gospel and have it escalate into a full blown bench clearing brawl involving deacons. I like to blame someone else but some of the blame lies with me, not all some. But tonight my mom was there to make sure I remained calm and boy was she surprised when I really was calm in fact I was being super nice and at a sporting event. There was a moment of stunned silence and shock but I know underneath that stunned exterior beat the heart of a proud mom. had the ump been wearing a Utes hat I would have been morally obligated to inform him what a piece of blind trash he was and then throw a comment about his questionable lineage. If that were the case Mom would still have been proud because she taught me what is right and wrong and the appropriate reaction to people with such poor taste like die hard Ute fans:). Just to not lose face by the end of the game I had yelled a few hurtful things about questionable calls and there were many believe me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Happy birthday children dear.

If I could make the wish my wife made while blowing out the candles on her cake I would. I am 99% sure that whatever she wishes for would improve the life of all who know her whether spiritually or temporally. It might be for help[ with her calling or the strength to be a better missionary. It might be help to be a better mother or wife or friend. It might be for world peace. The one thing I can guarantee is it won't be selfish because that is not Tink. It never has been. I have known my wife for 29 years and she has always amazed me. she is not perfect but her imperfections are covered over by her total AWESOMENESS. She tries her best at everything and it drives her nuts if it is not just right. She always has a million things on her mind and most of the time it is other people. If you don't believe me try to get her to focus on just you for a minute. She tires to love everyone and make everyone happy. So on your birthday I hope you have the Happiest birthday ever you deserve it. And most of all I love you completely.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Have you ever noticed that the most precious thing are often the treasure that we often overlook or sometimes don't point out in the day to day hubbub which is life. It might be our Grandmas that we always loved and cherished. It might be a diamond wedding ring that's value no longer lies in the diamond or gold but has transcended those values and now represents something much longer lasting and eternal. While listening to conference today one of the speakers mentioned his precious wife and Trina wondered if I thought she was precious to me. The answer is YESSSS. Let me explain on Jon world the planet that I reside on Trina is the sun the moon and the air. In other words she is life. She is the first thing I think of when I hear my alarm and the last thing I think about when I go to bed. She is there in my mind throughout the day and in every decision I make. I drive a little more carefully because not only do I not want to die and leave her I don't want to disappoint her with a ticket. I pretty much try to gear my life to make her happy if she needs a break I try to give her one. If she wants something it honestly hurts if I can't get it. And though I know I am far from perfect and seriously lacking in many ways if I ever do get a chance to speak in general conference(and the mere fact that I would be speaking in general conference would prove that the church might not be true) I would tell the whole world that my wife is the most precious thing in my life. She is what makes it all worth it. And she is one hot sexy momma brothers and sisters. Okay ma bey that last part might be left out just for the sake of time but it is just as true. So Tink there is your answer. I love you. Amen

Friday, April 3, 2009

P.M.S. pissy man syndrome.

Yes it is true that its not just the gals who suffer from PMS. We men suffer from the occasional craziness and I mean crazy. Like the rip the head off of small innocent forest creatures. Snap out at the innocent bystandards on the street or on the road. I have been alot grumpy the last few days but today I was in rare form. It was a little ugly and despite the fact that I knew I was being a little piss ant I still was. I usually am a nice guy but not today no siree Bob. So for your viewing pleasure here are the top ten PMS moments some from today some not some mine some not.

the envelope please.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pick on jonny month?

What the heck is this and why does it have a whole month dedicated to it. The reason is lack of childhood entertainment in Nephi. Yes its true my brother and sister were bored and what does any kid do when he is bored? They dedicate a whole month to torturing there favorite sibling thats what. Yes its all fun and games untill its your month and then the storm clouds roll in. I feel that there is enough stress in my life and therefore I have created a foundation P.E.T.J. thats right people for the ethical treatment of Jonny is a force to be reckoned with and they are always watching. So far there is one member, me but we are expanding and soon there will be me and a few people thinking about joining. Hey grass root movements have to start somewhere. So solidarity brothers and may the force be with you.

Monday, March 30, 2009

GO TO BED!!!!!

As they say war is !&^%. Especially when you live with the enemy. My kids. Yes the furry little cute bundles of cuddly smiles hold a dark secret. They know where my button is and they love to push it every ten minutes after 8 pm. It usually begins with the usual fight over the pajamas and quickley escalates into the battle over the third story. I always will remember the bloodbath which was sing along with every song known to kiddom.
Adelah is the old veteran of many campaigns. But Leighna she is our true warrior. She has a rebellious streak right down her back and across her face. She is more persistent than german artillery. Just when you think you have got her she makes a final death charge. I really need to not watch war movies around her, she picks up on things. She just watched a episode of LIFE with me, should I be worried? But eventually mother nature calls a seace fire every night but like the jews and palestinians this age old battle will flare up again. My money is on tommorow about 8 pm. Pray for us.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A funny time of year.

I think this time of year is a bit of a lull. True my wife has her b day on the 8th and that will be great. And it is spring and life is in full bloom so that is just super duper. But as far as things that I am interested in its a little slow. I am patiently waiting for the hunting draws to come out so I can be dissapointed that i did not draw. This is a yearly ritual dreaming of giant bucks and perfect shots and then getting the dreaded unsuccesfull email. And going through the next few days in a mope knowing that you will never draw. Do I sound bitter I will admit that I am. One day I will draw that coveted tag and it will be my turn. Probably the year my wife is pregnant due on the opening day of said coveted hunt. The hunting gods will do this to me I know it. Football is dead right now sure there is little tidbits of spring football and schedules coming out but this does not sooth the wounds of last years losses. I need BYU to sweep the whole season killing every opponent by 50 points and killing Utah by a stunning 1,000,000 points. Sure this sounds impossible but while I am high on crack cocaine I might as well dream big. The saddest part is these dillusions only get worse the closer the season gets its kind of a disease. And somebodies got a fever!
There is always a upside to everything I have a great family and they put up with this disease but my wife has been putting a lot of things in my drinks and telling me to take my "VITAMINS" every day. So maybe she has found the cure, I sure hope not.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Allred Hill?

For those of you who might know and see a little odd humor in my choice of blog names let me explain. First I was tired and did not want to hurt myself by thinking to hard. And the second is that it works, I have many happy memories out on Allred hill and it is a part of who I am. True a strange part but a part that I have always loved. I love the Allred side of my family. True there belief structure is slightly different but at least they believe and no one can doubt that. They are also very fun to be around and very entertaining. The other thing about Allred hill you can see forever. If forever involves city of Goshen and Utah and Juab valleys, so maybe not forever but when your ten its a long flippin ways. And there is not a lot of people who can say "there is my family's hill". I remember when I was a kid being dropped off at my grandmas and when it got dark starting to worry my mom and dad had forgotten us. So we would sit at my grandmas window watching every car just praying it was my mom and dad and they really did love us and wanted us back oh the sweet relief. I wish we had just relaxed and enjoyed our grandmas company because she is awesome but I think we were a little tightly wound kids.
The jonnycake thing comes from the Sperrys. My Aunt Marylou make the best Jonny cake for breakfast. So when I was a kid my cousin Tina told me the main ingredient for jonnycake is jonnys hair and for the next few years she was constantly pulling hairs out. I finally came to the conclusion that no amount of breakfast goodness was worth the stress of loseing my hair in such a painful way. I think it was about this time I began to wear a ball cap all the time. So Grandma Sperry if I go bald and lose my beutiful hair because you always said if I wore my cap all the time I would, you can blame Tina I know I do. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Well I did it my wife will no longer have to deal with shareing a blog with me. I hope that at the very least it one day is found somewhat entertaining. But that is beyond the point. Blogging has become somewhat theraputic and a way to say things that are easier said in print. So thats it for today allredhill is now officialy a blogspot and from up here the view is great.