Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Allred Hill?

For those of you who might know and see a little odd humor in my choice of blog names let me explain. First I was tired and did not want to hurt myself by thinking to hard. And the second is that it works, I have many happy memories out on Allred hill and it is a part of who I am. True a strange part but a part that I have always loved. I love the Allred side of my family. True there belief structure is slightly different but at least they believe and no one can doubt that. They are also very fun to be around and very entertaining. The other thing about Allred hill you can see forever. If forever involves city of Goshen and Utah and Juab valleys, so maybe not forever but when your ten its a long flippin ways. And there is not a lot of people who can say "there is my family's hill". I remember when I was a kid being dropped off at my grandmas and when it got dark starting to worry my mom and dad had forgotten us. So we would sit at my grandmas window watching every car just praying it was my mom and dad and they really did love us and wanted us back oh the sweet relief. I wish we had just relaxed and enjoyed our grandmas company because she is awesome but I think we were a little tightly wound kids.
The jonnycake thing comes from the Sperrys. My Aunt Marylou make the best Jonny cake for breakfast. So when I was a kid my cousin Tina told me the main ingredient for jonnycake is jonnys hair and for the next few years she was constantly pulling hairs out. I finally came to the conclusion that no amount of breakfast goodness was worth the stress of loseing my hair in such a painful way. I think it was about this time I began to wear a ball cap all the time. So Grandma Sperry if I go bald and lose my beutiful hair because you always said if I wore my cap all the time I would, you can blame Tina I know I do. :)

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