Monday, March 30, 2009

GO TO BED!!!!!

As they say war is !&^%. Especially when you live with the enemy. My kids. Yes the furry little cute bundles of cuddly smiles hold a dark secret. They know where my button is and they love to push it every ten minutes after 8 pm. It usually begins with the usual fight over the pajamas and quickley escalates into the battle over the third story. I always will remember the bloodbath which was sing along with every song known to kiddom.
Adelah is the old veteran of many campaigns. But Leighna she is our true warrior. She has a rebellious streak right down her back and across her face. She is more persistent than german artillery. Just when you think you have got her she makes a final death charge. I really need to not watch war movies around her, she picks up on things. She just watched a episode of LIFE with me, should I be worried? But eventually mother nature calls a seace fire every night but like the jews and palestinians this age old battle will flare up again. My money is on tommorow about 8 pm. Pray for us.

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  1. if i were your daughter, i'd try to get you riled. it's kind of scary but also kind of funny.