Monday, March 30, 2009

GO TO BED!!!!!

As they say war is !&^%. Especially when you live with the enemy. My kids. Yes the furry little cute bundles of cuddly smiles hold a dark secret. They know where my button is and they love to push it every ten minutes after 8 pm. It usually begins with the usual fight over the pajamas and quickley escalates into the battle over the third story. I always will remember the bloodbath which was sing along with every song known to kiddom.
Adelah is the old veteran of many campaigns. But Leighna she is our true warrior. She has a rebellious streak right down her back and across her face. She is more persistent than german artillery. Just when you think you have got her she makes a final death charge. I really need to not watch war movies around her, she picks up on things. She just watched a episode of LIFE with me, should I be worried? But eventually mother nature calls a seace fire every night but like the jews and palestinians this age old battle will flare up again. My money is on tommorow about 8 pm. Pray for us.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A funny time of year.

I think this time of year is a bit of a lull. True my wife has her b day on the 8th and that will be great. And it is spring and life is in full bloom so that is just super duper. But as far as things that I am interested in its a little slow. I am patiently waiting for the hunting draws to come out so I can be dissapointed that i did not draw. This is a yearly ritual dreaming of giant bucks and perfect shots and then getting the dreaded unsuccesfull email. And going through the next few days in a mope knowing that you will never draw. Do I sound bitter I will admit that I am. One day I will draw that coveted tag and it will be my turn. Probably the year my wife is pregnant due on the opening day of said coveted hunt. The hunting gods will do this to me I know it. Football is dead right now sure there is little tidbits of spring football and schedules coming out but this does not sooth the wounds of last years losses. I need BYU to sweep the whole season killing every opponent by 50 points and killing Utah by a stunning 1,000,000 points. Sure this sounds impossible but while I am high on crack cocaine I might as well dream big. The saddest part is these dillusions only get worse the closer the season gets its kind of a disease. And somebodies got a fever!
There is always a upside to everything I have a great family and they put up with this disease but my wife has been putting a lot of things in my drinks and telling me to take my "VITAMINS" every day. So maybe she has found the cure, I sure hope not.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Allred Hill?

For those of you who might know and see a little odd humor in my choice of blog names let me explain. First I was tired and did not want to hurt myself by thinking to hard. And the second is that it works, I have many happy memories out on Allred hill and it is a part of who I am. True a strange part but a part that I have always loved. I love the Allred side of my family. True there belief structure is slightly different but at least they believe and no one can doubt that. They are also very fun to be around and very entertaining. The other thing about Allred hill you can see forever. If forever involves city of Goshen and Utah and Juab valleys, so maybe not forever but when your ten its a long flippin ways. And there is not a lot of people who can say "there is my family's hill". I remember when I was a kid being dropped off at my grandmas and when it got dark starting to worry my mom and dad had forgotten us. So we would sit at my grandmas window watching every car just praying it was my mom and dad and they really did love us and wanted us back oh the sweet relief. I wish we had just relaxed and enjoyed our grandmas company because she is awesome but I think we were a little tightly wound kids.
The jonnycake thing comes from the Sperrys. My Aunt Marylou make the best Jonny cake for breakfast. So when I was a kid my cousin Tina told me the main ingredient for jonnycake is jonnys hair and for the next few years she was constantly pulling hairs out. I finally came to the conclusion that no amount of breakfast goodness was worth the stress of loseing my hair in such a painful way. I think it was about this time I began to wear a ball cap all the time. So Grandma Sperry if I go bald and lose my beutiful hair because you always said if I wore my cap all the time I would, you can blame Tina I know I do. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Well I did it my wife will no longer have to deal with shareing a blog with me. I hope that at the very least it one day is found somewhat entertaining. But that is beyond the point. Blogging has become somewhat theraputic and a way to say things that are easier said in print. So thats it for today allredhill is now officialy a blogspot and from up here the view is great.