Friday, April 1, 2011

Ode to dipped cotton balls

I myself am not the biggest fan of getting pranked but do to the fact that this is the day we prank here are a few classless acts I would like to pay homage to. The classic happened when I was a kid. My wife decided in her sick mind to take cotton balls and dip them like chocolate covered candy. She then had me and her brother try her new creation. If you have never bit into a cotton ball go to the bathroom find a cotton ball, clean preferably and take a bite. i will wait.... Now how was that, good huh, actually it is a sensation like fingernails on the chalk board in your mouth. But in true best friend fashion Jon ate the chocolate off the cotton balls after we discovered them. Chocolate does not grow on trees you know. Wait a minute, yes it does but anyways. As a final note be kind don't get to aggressive have a heart. And most of all let me know how your pranks go.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Like a tornado in a trailer park.

We relearned a valuable lesson tonight. Never turn your back on a two year old hell bent on destruction. Our little boy loves to destroy just for the sheer joy of seeing the mess. Usually he performs his best under pressure, like when someone is on there way over or when our house is clean and the doorbell rings. His little brain screams, " Quick tear the cushions of the couch and throw some towells and blankets on the floor." after some swift work with some help from his sisters he gives a verbal pat on the back. He says " I have seen worse, like when the home teachers stopped by but I would say we traumatized mom sufficently for now. Good job girls" I am beginning to realize that like my parents I to will love being a grandpa more than a parent. My wife trys so hard and I promise if you ever enter my abode it was spottless before the door bell rang and if you ring it twice they might get the couch flipped so please avoid the second ring.
And Merry Christmas

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I remember September 10, 2001. Sometimes I long for that memory. Fall was just coming in. School was in session. I was a newlywed college student and things were going great. . It was a normal day back in a normal world.
And then the day happened. I woke up got dressed went to class and the world changed. There was sorrow, fear, faith , pride, but most of all shock. And out of the rubble of that day rose a new world. I knew at that moment my kids would not be born into the world I had grown up in. My heart still feels a little tender just thinking about it. My eyes tear up during the national anthem. My memory of those images is still bold and bright no matter who tries to block them. But the memory I will always come away with is how for a brief time we came together as Americans. Not black, white, gay ,straight, illegal or legal. We were in the fight together and we were not afraid because we know how to win.
We know how to defeat fear and terror. We know compassion and love. We know real strength comes from our ability to move forward to something positive. Not back to hate and book burnings. Strength is in the hello to a neighbor. Strength is in the smile at the store. Strength is in the moment we all decide to be better. Strength is in the Savior, and being like him. The mightiest sword does not strike down, but raises those who are struck down. And brings them into the light of peace, love and kindness.
I remember September 12, 2001. It was a cool fall day and there was a twinge of sorrow in the air. But in that sorrow was hope and in that hope was strength and in that strength we find America.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hi my name is Jon and I am a addict

Yes it is true I am addicted to a few things. None of them are truly harmful to my health unless I kill over after a BYU touchdown. I think harmful addictions are to much work. The smoker has to work his butt off to pay for his vice. The Alcoholic has to pay for a Lawyer to help fight the DUI charges. My addictions are of the simple lazy day to day addictions. Here are a few of them.

1 I am addicted to my wife. A day without her is a day I get cranky and the shakes. She is way better than a drug.
2. My kids laughter. Talk about addicting. Leighna could power LA with her smile and laugh. This morning she walked up to Kronk and said, " Kronkers you smell like a danged stinky dang dog." She then laughed her head off she really cracks herself up.
3. BYU football. Yes folks the season is upon us. I love football in all forms but BYU football is the best. I scream yell and act like a fool every game.
4. Coke. Yes its true my one bad VICE. I am not perfect I know it comes as a shock to many but it is true. I really like coke. Its my drink of choice.
5. Ruining books according to my Sister I am addicted to ruining every book I read. She thinks books are safer at a Nazi book burning than they are in my bedroom. I would like her to know this is not true. And I apologize to any Nazi's that might have took offence to that last comment. If you want tips on how to more effectively destroy a book let me know apparently I do a bang up job.

I think that will be enough for today i will bring you more vices at a later date

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ten Years of wedded bliss

My wife is my best friend. She is fun funny and just so much better than I am. I remember vividly kneeling across the alter and looking at her and just hoping that I could take care of her. Hoping that I could give her enough love and time. Give her a home and protection. Help her laugh more than cry. Stand beside her good and bad. Be the man she deserved. She was and is so much more than I deserve. She gets more beutiful every day. She is all I want and ever want she is my life my love. The Hawiians have a term called HAH, it means the breath of life. Trina is my HAH, I pray that she will always breath her life and love into mine. Thanks Babe.

Saturday, June 5, 2010



My wife has given me everything. Happiness love paitience kindness passion ( keep it clean Marie:) ) and true frienship and KIDS. I love my kids they are fun and crazy. Each one is different and yet together they become the machine that makes up our eternal family. They have there roles and each one plays it well. My brothers and sisters all played and play roles to this day, it is just what you do. So this is a thank you to my wife for giving me these little cogs and sprockets that build my heart. She gave and gives up so much for them and at times goes unthanked. I want all mothers to know that the dishes and floors and made beds are nice but they are not the thing your children will remember. They will remember you loving them and playing with them and taking two seconds to hold them. I love coming home to a clean house but I love it even more to come home to a house full of love and happy children and happier wife. If any husband freaks out and gets angry beause his dinner is not made and house not clean needs a but whooping by the man himself MR. CHUCK NORRIS.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things not said.

I have to admit I am a very lucky boy. Life is not easy and at times is just plain tough but it is easier with someone to share it with. We read a book about love languages about two years ago and it is amazing at how each and every one of us gives and receives love so differently. My wife is a service person she receives and gives love through service And my love language is words and physical touch. So sometimes we get our paths crossed and end up showing love but feeling like we are not receiving any. My family all loves the way I do so we are touchy feely talkers. My wife's family is servers they are not big hugger and they are not big on Wow good jobs. In fact they are more of the "you missed a spot kind of people". So we communicate on different levels. I can say I love you so much to Tink and she just hears blah blah blah and thinks if he loved me he would mow my lawn, weed the garden, plant fruit trees, build my fence, trim the rose bushes , move the rocks, spay the aphids, dig up the back lawn and plant new grass, get a couple loads of dirt and spread them out fix my sprinklers and wash the car. And I mow the lawn and want to gear Wow babe you are the greatest husband in the world not only are you tough, sexy, handsome, and nice to animals but you are a all around great guy and I am so glad you chose me because you are the greatest thing since hostess cherry pies. I have began to demand a wow. Yes i have become a wow whore. I fish for wows if I don't get them. It is pathetic but I am a addict. Despite these differences I have my best friend in the world forever she is my everything . We try the silent treatment but we cant do it because without talking we cant share everything and we share everything. When we left our parents we gave all of ourselves to each other and I would not trade one second with her. Thanks Babe I love You .