Saturday, December 18, 2010

Like a tornado in a trailer park.

We relearned a valuable lesson tonight. Never turn your back on a two year old hell bent on destruction. Our little boy loves to destroy just for the sheer joy of seeing the mess. Usually he performs his best under pressure, like when someone is on there way over or when our house is clean and the doorbell rings. His little brain screams, " Quick tear the cushions of the couch and throw some towells and blankets on the floor." after some swift work with some help from his sisters he gives a verbal pat on the back. He says " I have seen worse, like when the home teachers stopped by but I would say we traumatized mom sufficently for now. Good job girls" I am beginning to realize that like my parents I to will love being a grandpa more than a parent. My wife trys so hard and I promise if you ever enter my abode it was spottless before the door bell rang and if you ring it twice they might get the couch flipped so please avoid the second ring.
And Merry Christmas

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