Sunday, September 12, 2010


I remember September 10, 2001. Sometimes I long for that memory. Fall was just coming in. School was in session. I was a newlywed college student and things were going great. . It was a normal day back in a normal world.
And then the day happened. I woke up got dressed went to class and the world changed. There was sorrow, fear, faith , pride, but most of all shock. And out of the rubble of that day rose a new world. I knew at that moment my kids would not be born into the world I had grown up in. My heart still feels a little tender just thinking about it. My eyes tear up during the national anthem. My memory of those images is still bold and bright no matter who tries to block them. But the memory I will always come away with is how for a brief time we came together as Americans. Not black, white, gay ,straight, illegal or legal. We were in the fight together and we were not afraid because we know how to win.
We know how to defeat fear and terror. We know compassion and love. We know real strength comes from our ability to move forward to something positive. Not back to hate and book burnings. Strength is in the hello to a neighbor. Strength is in the smile at the store. Strength is in the moment we all decide to be better. Strength is in the Savior, and being like him. The mightiest sword does not strike down, but raises those who are struck down. And brings them into the light of peace, love and kindness.
I remember September 12, 2001. It was a cool fall day and there was a twinge of sorrow in the air. But in that sorrow was hope and in that hope was strength and in that strength we find America.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hi my name is Jon and I am a addict

Yes it is true I am addicted to a few things. None of them are truly harmful to my health unless I kill over after a BYU touchdown. I think harmful addictions are to much work. The smoker has to work his butt off to pay for his vice. The Alcoholic has to pay for a Lawyer to help fight the DUI charges. My addictions are of the simple lazy day to day addictions. Here are a few of them.

1 I am addicted to my wife. A day without her is a day I get cranky and the shakes. She is way better than a drug.
2. My kids laughter. Talk about addicting. Leighna could power LA with her smile and laugh. This morning she walked up to Kronk and said, " Kronkers you smell like a danged stinky dang dog." She then laughed her head off she really cracks herself up.
3. BYU football. Yes folks the season is upon us. I love football in all forms but BYU football is the best. I scream yell and act like a fool every game.
4. Coke. Yes its true my one bad VICE. I am not perfect I know it comes as a shock to many but it is true. I really like coke. Its my drink of choice.
5. Ruining books according to my Sister I am addicted to ruining every book I read. She thinks books are safer at a Nazi book burning than they are in my bedroom. I would like her to know this is not true. And I apologize to any Nazi's that might have took offence to that last comment. If you want tips on how to more effectively destroy a book let me know apparently I do a bang up job.

I think that will be enough for today i will bring you more vices at a later date