Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Squeeky wheel.

Every family has the , "squeaky wheel." We all know the person, the kid who needs to get it there way or, lets just say life gets less pleasant for everyone. I am lucky I married the least squeaky wheel of all . And tonight I let her here me squeak like crazy. And she just let me do it I squeaked hissed bumped rattled and whined like a two year old. Minus the throwing myself on the floor in a full tantrum, (I won't lie I was close). The whole time she just listened and nodded. I feel guilt now that it is over. I hate squeaky wheels, in fact I hate all automaobile noises. I enjoy a fine tuned machine. And then I did what I hated most. I am sorry. I need to be grateful, the opposite of gratitude is whining, and I did go forth and I did Whine. And the Whine was good. But now it is over, and despite a case of PMS (pissy man syndrome) I am back to normal. Well normal for me at least. Thanks Tink you are awesome.

P.S. If BYU loses you should come see me throw myself on the floor like a two year old. If you don't think I would do it, just ask Tink she knows what I am capable of.

P.S.S. This new band OWL CITY is really catchy and upbeat. It really is a mood changer.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PIECES of you

Life is fragile, and all to short. Minutes to days, to weeks to years and next thing we know a lifetime has passed. I believe that we take, and leave pieces of ourselves as we go. With the passing of my Grandma Allred I feel the piece of my heart temporarily ripped put. But not gone. The piece that was owned by my Grandma will soon be returned after the pain of her leaving this mortal realm, is replaced by the sweet assurance, of the fact she is still here in so many ways . She is here in the songs that she sang to me as a child. "How much is that doggy in the window." "Give said the little stream." And countless others. She is here when I hold one of my "dears" close to me before bed time. She is here when I see beautiful long brown hair with just a tint of red shimmer in the sun. She is here when I feel the sweet spirit whisper peace to my soul. Her love was and is the pure kind of love. Her love soothed the crying child and comforted the sick. She is here when I ponder faith. She did not just have faith she was faith. her faith packed power. Her faith in the Savior reached beyond the norm and touched true knowledge. She did not just believe in, she knew Christ and he in return knows her. How sweet a Reunion it was this morning when at long last she found herself in his loving embrace again. She did not need to feel the marks on his hands and feet, or the wound on his side. She already knew they were there and what he had done for her, and all of us. She showed us all every day that she knew, in the way she lived her life. Thank you Grandma for being a huge piece of my life. In the cake of my life you are one of the sweetest pieces.