Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Squeeky wheel.

Every family has the , "squeaky wheel." We all know the person, the kid who needs to get it there way or, lets just say life gets less pleasant for everyone. I am lucky I married the least squeaky wheel of all . And tonight I let her here me squeak like crazy. And she just let me do it I squeaked hissed bumped rattled and whined like a two year old. Minus the throwing myself on the floor in a full tantrum, (I won't lie I was close). The whole time she just listened and nodded. I feel guilt now that it is over. I hate squeaky wheels, in fact I hate all automaobile noises. I enjoy a fine tuned machine. And then I did what I hated most. I am sorry. I need to be grateful, the opposite of gratitude is whining, and I did go forth and I did Whine. And the Whine was good. But now it is over, and despite a case of PMS (pissy man syndrome) I am back to normal. Well normal for me at least. Thanks Tink you are awesome.

P.S. If BYU loses you should come see me throw myself on the floor like a two year old. If you don't think I would do it, just ask Tink she knows what I am capable of.

P.S.S. This new band OWL CITY is really catchy and upbeat. It really is a mood changer.


  1. dude, you should have been in the car with me on the way from rocky ridge to mona. i was a ranting, squeaking (more like thundering) bee-otch. sometimes spouses just have to listen, ya know? and i felt really stupid after. it's okay. i remove your stupidness.
    then end.

  2. We all have our moments...some more than others...I'll have to check out Owl City...sounds interesting...did you watch The Office?...don't tell, cause we haven't...sometimes no TV sucks...sometimes not....good night!

  3. Oh, and good luck, BYU...sounds like you'll need it.

  4. I get that same PMS during basketball season. The Jazz have a way of bringing out the 2 year old in me.

  5. Did I miss your tantrum on the floor when BYU lost, no, when BYU was destroyed?