Saturday, March 20, 2010

The YARD!!!!

I have a charmed life. Its not perfect but what is not perfect I can overlook. But there is one part of my life that I do battles with every year. My Yard. I love my yard in lots of ways. I have a lawn and flowers and trees and rocks. But I also have weeds dirt patches rocks that my wife abhors and did I mention I have a lawn. I often joke that I married into a family of lawn Nazis. They honestly can't help it, lawns are the family business. They know a good lawn when they see it. I imagine if my family saw a unsupported roof system, or a over spanned 2X6 we to would have a remark or two about the problem. I honestly pray my lawn stays putting green green this year it would help my wife's general well being. She hates brown spots. I have fought many a battle with the grub and the burn spots and the dandy lion.. These are lawn problems that hamper our marital bliss. Last year the front lawn was wonderful but the back really struggled. I think I did not talk to it enough I don't know. I hope and pray both have a fantastic year, and we get through it together. I think we can pull through another summer.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


There are super heros among us. They might not be one eyed laser shooting mutants from the planet goolgone but they are here none the less. My wife is one of them she is AWESOME. She loves deeper than a ocean. She is cuter than the cutest kitten. Pretier than a rose. Kinder than the the kindest WalMart greeter. And just a neat gal.. She sometimes does not agree with these accusations but she is blind and deaf to her own greatness. I am the flat tire on the well oiled machine which is Trina. She is a fine sports car and I am a 78 datsun with a oil leak and a slipping transmission. But she is stuck with me and that is just tough. Because I know how lucky I am and like the neighbor kid that bugs ya but won't go away. (We all have one lets not deny it)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A cry for repreve

Okay people April draws near and you all know what that means. Time to choose a side. Do you want to be a jerk, bad person , borderline Gadianton robber. Or do you want to be a saint a lovly person full of good content and kindness. Yes folks the choice is yours. You can either join PETJ (People for the Ethical Treatment of Jonny) or be part of the mindless dribble. Yes you can be part of the cool kids. I will just offer this chance to everyone. Don't participate in Pick on Jonny Month. This annual waste of time needs to die and this is our chance. Stand up and join me in this fight . Thanks for your kindness.