Sunday, March 7, 2010

A cry for repreve

Okay people April draws near and you all know what that means. Time to choose a side. Do you want to be a jerk, bad person , borderline Gadianton robber. Or do you want to be a saint a lovly person full of good content and kindness. Yes folks the choice is yours. You can either join PETJ (People for the Ethical Treatment of Jonny) or be part of the mindless dribble. Yes you can be part of the cool kids. I will just offer this chance to everyone. Don't participate in Pick on Jonny Month. This annual waste of time needs to die and this is our chance. Stand up and join me in this fight . Thanks for your kindness.


  1. it can't die. you will be ninety and we will still have pick on jonnie month -- sort of like, kick your cane out, and things like that.
    you wear this month well.
    embrace it.
    part of the founding committee

  2. i'm on your side jonny. people better treat you right!

  3. I think we should all take advantage of this wonderful month and take the opportunities that arise. :D lol even if it means picking on John...

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  6. So you want to stop this annual event that brings joy and laughter to at least half of your siblings huh? You selfish peice of poo. This type of post only inspires us to come up with better more insightful crap to give you. You have broken the unspeakable law of teasing in our family. Crying about it. We all know it only is going to make it worse. So get ready. . . (dramatic pause)
    You have done this to yourself this time. I wanted to stop this years ago, but you cry about it so much we are forced to go on. Sad a little, Funny a lot. Call the Wambulance. April is coming. p.s. love you
    If I didn't like you, I would ignore you. It's how we roll.
    This is Matt, Karen thinks this POJM thing is crap. I call B.S.! It is awesome.