Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sometimes !@#$ really does stink.

Yes today was one of those special days when a person wakes up smells the fresh clean air and says "Gee I really hope I run into a sewar problem today." Yes folks today was my lucky day at work. For several weeks a camp host at work has complained about his sewar drain being clogged and we finnally were able to get the sewar snake today and went to tackle the problem. Well about five feet down the snake stopped and wouldn't go any farther so we got a rod and just could not unjam the pipe. So we had to dig it out by hand of course and there was special stuff in this pipe because there would have to be or it just would not be fun. About halfway down we noticed how loose the pipe was and thought oh great its broke so we kept on digging finnaly after playing in the fun stuff for about two hours we hit bottom and discovered !!!! oh the excitment is killing you isn't it. We found out he had been pumping his stuff down the water shut off valve pipe not the sewar the actuals sewar was located five feet away clean and clear completly free of plugs. Yes folks we had been misled but we learned a valuable lesson . No wait we really did'nt but it is funy now. When I was in the recently dug hole I really had to search for the humor. But I didn't want to search to hard due to the location of said humor.

Monday, June 29, 2009

One Morning I woke up.

Life is like the kid in middle school that everyone gives a hard time for being the shorty and all of a sudden they come back from summer 6'5" and 240 and hairy because puberty hit em hard. My life seems to take that same path one minute I am the squirly 14 year old and the next minute its three in the morning and I am alone in the leader tent yelling at the sqirly 14 year olds to SHUT UP and go to sleep. One year you go to the pageant just to enjoy the confy confines of the blanket section. And you turn around and your praying that you get a chair because your back just can't take the blanket section anymore. They say that being old is hard but after spending a weekend observing the end that is just starting, the growing old end is not so bad. You don't have to worry about the what if I can't make it because you learn that every problem has a solution and you can live through a lot before you die. It was fun to kick it with the youth for a few days though they are awesome and good and several things that I was not at there age. But I have faith in the future because I know that they are not going to fail. They have fortitude and endurance even at three in the morning after a very long day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


There are those times when you just need to be grateful for what you have and put the wants in the rear view mirror for a minute. Today i am GRATEFUL for what I have. I watched the kids today and I am grateful for a wife who sacrifices almost everything for us. Yes I do realize it is a sacrifice. There are not enough gold stars in the world to give my wife. She asked me today if I was still happy with my life. The answer is yes sure I might have a little more stress and more to worry about but with my family how could I not be happy. And yes dear you make me happy. I am grateful for my girls they are my babe and bug and they are also my buddies. I always got asked if I wish I had boys, pre Port and I can honestly say, no way I love my girls I love there pink and purples I love there princeses and I love that they love me. And Addy this morning informed me that the best part of fishing was touching the worms. Thats my girl. I am grateful for porter the kid is just my buddy he is fun cute and destined to start for BYU, and I think he is a awesome spirit and was sent to us for a special purpose. Not just to lead BYU to a championship but a real purpose.
My job. I know sounds wierd but I love my job it is a great job and I am really grateful for it and the people I work with.
My Dads thanks for being who you are no m atter what you both have different qualities but I think you are the greatest happy fathers day.
Yes I am one blessed guy and just think somepeople get the looks but I got everything else

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yes it is my weak point my one chink in my armor my sore spot, my popular girl that you hate in high school. It is the scouts. Not the boys because I honestly love all the boys they are awesome. I love doing things with them and getting to know them. I just have issues with the bureaucracy bull crap that prevails most of scouting. Boy I sound bitter and maybe I am and I am the first person to tell you i need to just get over it and I will because i am good enough I am strong enough and gosh darnett people like me. Yet here I am on the cusp of another high adventure scout camp. Which will be fun but let me explain something. First I have never been high, not even buzzed so the first part of high adventure does not fit. Second I am boring I am not adventure. I wish I was exciting like a cliff climber or white water expert or scuba dude but I am just me, boring. I love coming home to my family every night and holding my wife. I really hate being away from her. She probably will agree on the boring part. I enjoy reading a good book and watching a sporting event or even playing sports. i try to be exciting but it just comes off annoying to me and everyone around me. Maybe I would enjoy adventure if I was high but due to the fact that it is illegal and I am a card carrying Mormon that idea is out. So wish me luck. I will try to keep my bore to a minimum.