Saturday, June 20, 2009


There are those times when you just need to be grateful for what you have and put the wants in the rear view mirror for a minute. Today i am GRATEFUL for what I have. I watched the kids today and I am grateful for a wife who sacrifices almost everything for us. Yes I do realize it is a sacrifice. There are not enough gold stars in the world to give my wife. She asked me today if I was still happy with my life. The answer is yes sure I might have a little more stress and more to worry about but with my family how could I not be happy. And yes dear you make me happy. I am grateful for my girls they are my babe and bug and they are also my buddies. I always got asked if I wish I had boys, pre Port and I can honestly say, no way I love my girls I love there pink and purples I love there princeses and I love that they love me. And Addy this morning informed me that the best part of fishing was touching the worms. Thats my girl. I am grateful for porter the kid is just my buddy he is fun cute and destined to start for BYU, and I think he is a awesome spirit and was sent to us for a special purpose. Not just to lead BYU to a championship but a real purpose.
My job. I know sounds wierd but I love my job it is a great job and I am really grateful for it and the people I work with.
My Dads thanks for being who you are no m atter what you both have different qualities but I think you are the greatest happy fathers day.
Yes I am one blessed guy and just think somepeople get the looks but I got everything else


  1. Thanks babe! I too am so grateful for our family! We have the best!