Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yes it is my weak point my one chink in my armor my sore spot, my popular girl that you hate in high school. It is the scouts. Not the boys because I honestly love all the boys they are awesome. I love doing things with them and getting to know them. I just have issues with the bureaucracy bull crap that prevails most of scouting. Boy I sound bitter and maybe I am and I am the first person to tell you i need to just get over it and I will because i am good enough I am strong enough and gosh darnett people like me. Yet here I am on the cusp of another high adventure scout camp. Which will be fun but let me explain something. First I have never been high, not even buzzed so the first part of high adventure does not fit. Second I am boring I am not adventure. I wish I was exciting like a cliff climber or white water expert or scuba dude but I am just me, boring. I love coming home to my family every night and holding my wife. I really hate being away from her. She probably will agree on the boring part. I enjoy reading a good book and watching a sporting event or even playing sports. i try to be exciting but it just comes off annoying to me and everyone around me. Maybe I would enjoy adventure if I was high but due to the fact that it is illegal and I am a card carrying Mormon that idea is out. So wish me luck. I will try to keep my bore to a minimum.

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  1. you can do this. i know you can do this! you can have fun! come on, scouty mick butter pants!!!