Monday, June 29, 2009

One Morning I woke up.

Life is like the kid in middle school that everyone gives a hard time for being the shorty and all of a sudden they come back from summer 6'5" and 240 and hairy because puberty hit em hard. My life seems to take that same path one minute I am the squirly 14 year old and the next minute its three in the morning and I am alone in the leader tent yelling at the sqirly 14 year olds to SHUT UP and go to sleep. One year you go to the pageant just to enjoy the confy confines of the blanket section. And you turn around and your praying that you get a chair because your back just can't take the blanket section anymore. They say that being old is hard but after spending a weekend observing the end that is just starting, the growing old end is not so bad. You don't have to worry about the what if I can't make it because you learn that every problem has a solution and you can live through a lot before you die. It was fun to kick it with the youth for a few days though they are awesome and good and several things that I was not at there age. But I have faith in the future because I know that they are not going to fail. They have fortitude and endurance even at three in the morning after a very long day.


  1. Babe, I hate to break it to you, but sometimes you act just like them! Just kidding. You are great with those boys. They look up to you!

  2. I agree with both of the above mentioned comments. John it was a great trip we had and a lot of it was owed to you and your humor.