Monday, August 31, 2009

Dreams do come true.

As a father you want your child to succeed. I am proud of all my children but right now my heart is doing flip flops of joy. My boy loves, drum roll please, football! That's right folks at the tender age of ten months he has got talent. He has great hands and can already roll out of the pocket. He will eventually have several large colleges looking at him but I suggest bronco offer first. I am pretty sure with some work we can teach him to write his name in time to sign the letter of intent. Sure you are all saying, " there is old Jon smoking the wacky weed again." To this I say no, (but I did eat some brownies yesterday). I am not one of those parents. He will start school on time. And he will defy his genetic makeup and be 6'4" 240, all muscle. I am so proud. I suggest you pre order your season tickets now. And he will maybe he will mention you in his Heisman acceptance speech.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Difference!

While thinking about the title for this blog I remembered something my cousin told me this weekend. While discussing my Grandmas health she told me, "You remember a different Grandma than I do." . Tonight I have been pondering that statement and have come to the conclusion, she is right. Let me tell you a little about my Grandma so you will see, even a little the Grandma I know. My Grandma is love, she loves completely, her love is strong, her love is warm, her love is kind. My Grandma always tried her best even under limited means. She might not have given you the biggest present but I have never been more excited about a ten cent Popsicle than when it came from my Grandma, (In the form of a homemade coupon to my Grandpas store.) She always had time for me. In a world with a million demands on her time and talents, I was her Jonny and I was important. She would just talk to me and tell me stories or listen to my great adventure from the day. And at Grandmas house with twelve cousins around my age adventure was easy to find.
Despite our religious differences she always focused on the similarities, she taught me about our saviors love. She taught me the song, "Give said the little stream." She showed me how to be Christlike, always, no matter what. She loved my Grandpa completely. She didn't just love him she was in love with him, she looked for Little things she could do to serve him. I always remember her being really happy when he was there for dinner. We used to go down to my Grandpas office downstairs and he would tell us how amazing our grandma was, and he was right.
Well, i could go on all night, but I will end with a top ten list. Top ten awesome things about my Grandma.
10. She could pick one side of a piano up by herself. Could your Grandma do that? Yeah, I didn't think so.
9. She baked her own bread twice a week. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Grandma Sycamore.
8. She has 84 grand kids, she knows and loves us all. Some more than others.(sorry Marie)
7. She can hold a sliced open leg together, with her bare hands, for a half an hour. My leg to be precise.
6. She loves to act like she does not care. Her favorite thing to say to my Aunt Alice is WHATEVER, just because it drives Alice crazy.
5. She still has the prettiest hair ever.
4. She is the slowest eater in the history of mankind. Word of advise, just say no to Chuck a Rama..
3. She makes the best Mac and Cheese.
2. She loves unconditionally.
1. I have the greatest Grandmas ever. I challenge anyone to a staring contest if they disagree.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nine Years Later.

Nine years ago in July, I got really lucky and married my best friend. And yes I know your supposed to say, "Gee golly beave my wife is my best friend." Because as a Mormon male if you don't, things can start to look, lets say Telestial. But really, in my case I mean it, she is my best friend. We are older, rounder, slower, and that is just me. She still makes me laugh. Just the other day we were laying there in bed talking and I told her I had a romantic dream the night before. Well she informed me, that she had a dreamed people had raided our house and destroyed our house and separated us. Wow, what do you say to that. I told her that there was obviously a huge difference in our dreams. Her reply was this, "Yeah I know, the difference is my dream could come true." I married a comedian. Time spent with someone you truly love is never wasted. And I don't want to waste a second. I love her quirks, like the fact she needs a list for everything. Even if it is just one thing it goes on the list. Or the fact that she cannot physically force herself to go to bed before 11 P.M. and most nights that's early. She is beautiful and smart, a great mom and a better friend. And even on those days we want to kill each other and move to Canada, we can still lay down in bed next to each other and say honestly when the lamp clicks off, "I LOVE YOU."

P.S. Don't be overly concerned about Tinks dream she is required to have at least one of those dreams a month. She thinks about that stuff a lot. It is one of those quirks, but if anyone comes we will be prepared. Just as long as there are no wolves, she hates wolves.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rise and Shout

Yes folks the season is upon us. I am so ready and I like to think that my wife and children are ready for it as well. I know Addy is this afternoon she sat on my lap looked up excitedly and said B! I just looked at her and she informed me that after she says B. I am required to say Y! We then finished this great cheer with a loud cheerful COUGARS!!! I am so proud of my children, spiritual pure of heart giants of men. I could not help but sing a verse from Saturdays Warrior with a tear of joy in my eye "Who are these children coming down." I am sure most of you would see and understand my pride. My little girl all grown up and learning the difference between a 3-4 and a 4-3 defense. She even knows that on third and one with a great running back and a huge line you don't throw you run. Or maybe she has heard me yell it every fall of her short life and now she just knows its like second nature.
All is right with the BYU season at this point we are undefeated. It is happiness all around. I even noticed a little crispness in the air. that cool breeze on a hot day that teases you into believing that fall is near.