Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nine Years Later.

Nine years ago in July, I got really lucky and married my best friend. And yes I know your supposed to say, "Gee golly beave my wife is my best friend." Because as a Mormon male if you don't, things can start to look, lets say Telestial. But really, in my case I mean it, she is my best friend. We are older, rounder, slower, and that is just me. She still makes me laugh. Just the other day we were laying there in bed talking and I told her I had a romantic dream the night before. Well she informed me, that she had a dreamed people had raided our house and destroyed our house and separated us. Wow, what do you say to that. I told her that there was obviously a huge difference in our dreams. Her reply was this, "Yeah I know, the difference is my dream could come true." I married a comedian. Time spent with someone you truly love is never wasted. And I don't want to waste a second. I love her quirks, like the fact she needs a list for everything. Even if it is just one thing it goes on the list. Or the fact that she cannot physically force herself to go to bed before 11 P.M. and most nights that's early. She is beautiful and smart, a great mom and a better friend. And even on those days we want to kill each other and move to Canada, we can still lay down in bed next to each other and say honestly when the lamp clicks off, "I LOVE YOU."

P.S. Don't be overly concerned about Tinks dream she is required to have at least one of those dreams a month. She thinks about that stuff a lot. It is one of those quirks, but if anyone comes we will be prepared. Just as long as there are no wolves, she hates wolves.


  1. I think you're the comedian! Thanks for loving me...despite the quirks!

    P.S. thanks for punctuating!!!!

  2. Can I say how comforting it is Trina dreams crazy things? Does this mean I am not alone?
    Dear Jon,
    That was a great post.
    You are the best punctuater ever.
    Great spelling.
    How many talents do you have?
    Your little sister.