Saturday, May 30, 2009


If you could would you trade with a different time in your life or someone else for that matter would you. Sounds a little freaky Friday doesn't it. With all of the weddings an engagements we have had this year it has brought on the question, if we could go back to when we were first in love and so twitterpated would we.
My answer is no thanks. Yes it was a fun exciting time in my life and it was a loads of fun but.
I love my wife more because of who she has become rather than who she was then. I love her more because of our trials than without going through them with her. I love the fact that we have learned to work our problems out even if it meant a good old fashioned argument in the wash room of college apartments, and now those times are hilarious. You can learn to love each other when the other person is at there worst. You are proud of your spouse not because she or he is new but because they are the reason you wake up and breathe they are who you are. It is amazing when you feel yourself change from Jon and Trina and just become the Allreds first and Jon and Trina second. You can agree to disagree and it is okay. So in short I would not trade my life now for a million new beginnings. And one day all these new beginnings will feel the same I hope.

P.S. When your wife is as hot as mine it makes it easier to.


  1. you know what, jon? that is a very good point. i'm going to pontificate on that for awhile now.

  2. p.s. ditch the confirmation word. you don't need it, and it's messin' with my ability to comment. rebel, jon! you can do it!!!

  3. I would go through another million begginings with you too! I wouldn't give up what we have now for what we had then! We have loved and grown so much together! You're the greatest I love you! Even if you lack a few house cleaning skills...I do believe that almost every argument has either been about who's family eats better food (silly, Yes! But true) or over cleaning the house! I know I'm a crazy loony person, but you love me anyway and I love you! Thanks for the post. You always feel good about myself even when I don't deserve it! XOXOXOXO