Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi my name is Jon and I break things... Hi Jon.

Yes its true I am on a streak of epic proportions not even the toilet flusher handle is immune to my reign of terror and destruction. Its not like I mean to break everything I touch, it just happens. Lets make a list should we. Now remember you might want to hide the young children and the innocent of heart.
Item #1 my wife's cell phone. Word to the wise never underestimate the amount of druel a 6 month old is capable of producing. And this said druel is bad for phones. who knew, unfortunately I now have this knowledge and am happy to share it.
item #2 My wife's I pod I don't know how, but just touching it was enough to send it on the fritz. It has since recovered but I have also been kind of avoiding it.
Item #3 Addys heart. In the struggle for bedtime supremacy she informed me that I had broken her heart. I informed her that she should get in line somewhere behind the I pod.
Item #4 The flusher handle on our toilet let me diagram for you. Jon+toilet in need of flushing = a broken toilet handle. Get the picture.
Item #5 My manhood. here is another diagram for your viewing pleasure. Jon+speeding jumping two year old with laser guided knees= well you get the picture. And what a ugly picture it is.
I truly hope this string of crappy luck ends soon I don't know if I not only crossed paths with a black cat I think I ran it over.


  1. Well I hate to break it to you buddy but your list doesn't end there. You also broke my barbie, hair clip, and my chetto. HAHA jk man let me help you. GOOD LUCK!!!! There ya go keep smilin :)

  2. That's hilarious! I'm just glad you haven't been over to help build our house yet, don't want you breaking our house.

  3. that's hilarious. for that matter, you broke MY barbie, too.

  4. I hope this breaking spell ends soon. I'm running out of things to break...well, there are a lot of things that will break but nothing that's ok to break!