Saturday, May 9, 2009


I read a little quote on a picture frame today that said "the memories of the people we have lost become memories we treasure." I don't know who wrote this quote but it is truly profound and yet flawed in one way. What prevents us from striving to make the memories of those still with us equally important. My memories of my Mom are some of my happiest. I overheard her yesterday talking about how she felt like she was not always there for us. I beg to differ she was always there. She was a phone call away or a trip up to the clinic on the way home from school. She was a trip up to Provo to shop. She was a friend you could and can still talk your hardest problems out with. She is your allied force in a disagreement but she will let you know if she thinks your wrong. She is the mom at every game even the cold ones. She is the letter you could count on every week of your mission. She gives the best hugs when you are hurt or when she is hurting. She is a awesome grandma. My kids are lucky like I am, two totally awesome grandmas . She is brave kind courteous and respectful despite not being a eagle scout. She is full of faith and yet humble enough to still want to know. She is funny and does not know it most of the time. Mom I could go on all night because you are that incredible. I know this mother day is hard for you. I know it hurts and you feel alone but you are not. Grandma is with you every step of the way. She has not lessened her love for us but turned it up a notch. And you are a awesome mom because she is a awesome mom and we all love you both so much.
Love you Momma, Happy Mothers day.

P.S. I know the mothers day before Grandpa died was extremly hard for you. I can't imagine how hard that time in your life was. But I just have been thinking a lot about what you told me last night and when you pushed Grandpa home from the hospital that afternoon to be with his family on his own front porch surrounded by the ones he loved. I can't imagine anything that could have filled his heart with more joy and love and I think if he could have expressed it he would have told you thanks for the simple act of service that you performed for him that let him know that it was okay for him to go to his heavenly home, his work was done. So for him, Thanks for the ride Jill.


  1. you made me cry johnny. what a sweet tribute to your mom and i loved what you said about grandma. what a sweet thought to think she just turned her love up a notch. i feel her at times and am so grateful i had her in my life and even more grateful i will see her again. thanks for sharing.

  2. OUR MOM IS THE GREATEST EVER! although a total "get me a knife" tearjerker, so true. i know grandma and grandpa are so proud of the woman she is!!! i hope we can live up to that, too.

  3. Way to make me if I need any help. Wonderful tribute to Mom. I wish I could put my feelings into words on a page, the way you do. Love you!

  4. holly crap. . .not cool making me cry man. . . Mom is more than words can contain, but you have come close good show. I miss grandpa, I miss grandma, and most of all I miss my mommy. Stupid, 300 miles.