Thursday, April 9, 2009

A promised chuckle

This one is for Matt whom I promised to lay of the mushy stuff and write a funny one gosh dangit. So her you go my fine brother I hope you enjoy this blog and it gives you a chuckle.
I played softball today and for the first time in my life I argued on behalf of a ref. This is truly a rair almost non existent event. Yes shockingly enough I am a little passionate about sporting events. I have to remind myself to remain calm watching little league games when I don't know anyone. I take BYU games personally if there is a bad call you might as well have slapped my grandma and kissed my wife. That's right I get a little worked up. I am on a self imposed ban from church basketball. i don't want to add to the problems I face on judgement day and there is the whole love your neighbor thing. It never said trash talk your brother in the gospel and have it escalate into a full blown bench clearing brawl involving deacons. I like to blame someone else but some of the blame lies with me, not all some. But tonight my mom was there to make sure I remained calm and boy was she surprised when I really was calm in fact I was being super nice and at a sporting event. There was a moment of stunned silence and shock but I know underneath that stunned exterior beat the heart of a proud mom. had the ump been wearing a Utes hat I would have been morally obligated to inform him what a piece of blind trash he was and then throw a comment about his questionable lineage. If that were the case Mom would still have been proud because she taught me what is right and wrong and the appropriate reaction to people with such poor taste like die hard Ute fans:). Just to not lose face by the end of the game I had yelled a few hurtful things about questionable calls and there were many believe me.

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  1. i'm pretty sure that ump went home crying last night. nice.