Monday, March 23, 2009

Well I did it my wife will no longer have to deal with shareing a blog with me. I hope that at the very least it one day is found somewhat entertaining. But that is beyond the point. Blogging has become somewhat theraputic and a way to say things that are easier said in print. So thats it for today allredhill is now officialy a blogspot and from up here the view is great.


  1. I know that you really enjoy blogging so I hope you really have fun with this! I am excited to see your personality show through on your blog! I think you're the greatest! I love you!

  2. it worked! i didn't even have to start an online petition! i love how you make it REAL clear you love sports, just so no one accuses you of sissy-man-ness for having a blog. no, brother, you are a REAL man for having a blog! i'm going to link you to mine right this very second! yay! allred hill? that's funny, is what that is.