Thursday, July 30, 2009

Peace like a river.

This is nor one of my ever exciting stories this is a blog so deal with my rant please. I was thinking what it would and will feel like to rap up in the arms of Christ. I can only imagine the excitement of the moment but everytime I think of the moment I can only think of one feeling Peace. Peace from the world. Peace from worry and peace from daily strife. No loss no grief no pain no war in the heart. Just warm loving peace. I hope he thinks of me as his friend. I hope he lets his atonement wash my sins away. I hope he stands as my advocate. With him I know I will find that peace. I remember when I knew he loved me. Not just me as in I am me one of a trillion chidren of our Heavenly Father. But me as what I can be. He knows me personally. He knows my likes he knows I like fishing and hunting. He knows I like football and sports. He knows my loves and my hates. And what is more amazing to me is he cares about that stuff. His love is the river that runs through our hearts and brings the peace to our soul. I pray I will always strive to have that peace in my heart ALWAYS.

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  1. You call that a rant?

    Thanks for sharing. You always remind me of the important things at all the right moments. That's why we're such a great team I guess! Love you Babe!