Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Story @ Real men skin skunks. Yeah real stupid men

Yes as you might have guessed already my second story has all the elements of a great story. Adventure, Boldness, and a tragic hero in the end. Let me say to start is generally I am a rather intelligent fellow but when me and my brother in law get together we sometimes are twelve years old again and those twelve year old brains do things that as a adult would say are STUPID. A few summers ago we were in Nephi and my brother in law Jon came running into the house with the exciting news that he had hit the mother load of practical jokes, a skunk skin. Only problem was it was still attached to the very much alive and ticked off skunk. The skunk had been in the live trap all day and was not thrilled. Upon further investigation we turned are adult brains off and began to think like boys. We made the game plan all we needed was a checklist
1. Big old piece of carpet. Check
2. Cage with big old skunk in it. Check
3. two stupid brothers. Check
4. Truck to load skunk in. Check
5. Creek to drowned skunk in. Check
Yes folks we do not go into things willy nilly we think things out. So here's how it went. We approached the skunk carpet up and prepared for spray. Now let me tell you from experience from a distance skunks stink but once you have experienced a full spray up close and personal it does not just stink it is all encompassing. It makes every part of you want to barf then die. So the skunk sprayed the carpet and we had our skunk loaded in the truck for the ride to the creek and doom. At the creek things continued to go swimmingly. Jon did not want to ruin his new boots so I had to get in to drown the evil creature from heck. All the while Jon laughed as I stood on the carpet on the cage in the middle of the creek.
Next came the skinning. Now I have skinned many animals and never have gotten sick or grossed out until this moment. Heavenly father never intended skunks to be skinned it was not part of the plan and those who go against his plan are punished. And we were I have never felt more smote than while I was skinning that skunk. It was indescribably awful. Yucky yuck yuck. Icky poo poo. and several other bad things.
Well it all worked out Jon got his skunk skin tanned and it turned out great I feel like I should have gotten visitation rights or something. Next time i think we will just go buy a realistic looking stuffed animal skunk. Now every time I drive down the road and smell a skunk it gags me to the point of chunks. Next time someone says they hit the mother load of practical jokes run real fast and don't stop


  1. Yeah...real stupid men!!!! But hilarious none the less!!!

  2. you DROWNED the skunk??!?!? you chose to take another living creatures life by making it DROWN?!?!?!? suddenly blasting it's brain out looks real merciful. what is the matter with you two sickos?! honestly. sigh.

  3. Hahaha! Well you're both stupid but Jon gets the creadit for coming up with the dumb ideas but you're the stupid one for going along with it lol. But that's ok, it keeps me entertained!

  4. I don't know why that came up as Sadler but it was really me.

  5. awesome story, very brave I must say. I usually run and scream like a girl when I come across those animals but oh well maybe next time I will find your courage and try your approach instead.

  6. I filed a complaint with PETA. You have a lot to learn about the ethical treatment of animals.

    Obviously you should have just shook the cage really, really, really hard.