Friday, July 3, 2009


Sometimes the moment just hits and wappoh. You miss someone. And that moment just hit. But it is hitting me different everytime. It is not the sorrow hit but the miss the wise counsel kind. Sometimes I wish I could justy crawl up next to Granny, play with her arm flab eat a piece of freedent and tell her all my problems and let her tell me how amazing I am. Because she always no matter what, thought you were. Why? Why did she see the best in people? Because she knew who people are inside and everyone has some good potential. Why she would even like Obama because he is as my Granny was, Shhh I'll whisper it a DEMOCRAT. Yes its true. The only person Granny hated was Bush. And she did flip off Huntsman at peach days but she has since forgiven him i'm sure. Huntsman not Bush never Bush. But back on track.
She made you feel the peace that comes from pure faith and love. She just loved us. She loved my kids my wife. And she loved me. Yes in my family the name of Granny is sacred and for those who did not get the pleasure of her companyI am sorry, but she had some important things to tend to she probably is taking all those trips her and Granpa missed out on. Airfare is cheap in paradise. But sometimes I know she is here with us just to check and make sure and let us know we are awesome. She is there when I smell a rose. She is there when I test my wifes seafood salad. She is there when I freak out and pull a Iona. She is there when I hold my kids just like she used to. And the thing I am looking forward to the most this Ute Stampede/Sperry reunion is that she will be there. She loves a party and this should be a good one. Love ya Granny . Thanks


  1. wow, we are on the same wave length. Granny has been a topic of discussion in my heart and with the Double B today -- i think she is relieved everything is resolved, and settled back in with Grandpa. I miss my Granny. I miss the feeling of her thigh when you sit real close to her, 'cause that's just how you sit with Granny. I miss my friend. We are lucky she is our Granny. I'm sure she'll be there at the UTTTTEEEE STAMPEDE!

  2. Thanks for bringing up a lot of feelings I've been trying to bury. I guess that I should let myself feel the grief and then I won't ever forget Granny! But it just hurts so much!