Friday, July 17, 2009

Dog days of summer

Holy crap it is hot out there. Not the kind where you think oh i will be okay out there its just a little uncomfortable. No this hot is the holy crap kind. The kind that kills brain cells. Like that old saturday morning commercial with the frying egg "this is your brain. This is your brain outside today" crap plop sizzle. Summer is hit the drag phase. Its hot, the holidays are almost over and school is just around the corner. Sorry kids I just had to say it. Her I will say it again School. Did you get the chills, I did. We watched the movie fever pitch last night and the sad thing was I saw some of myself in the main dude. Only BYU football is my weakness. I get a little crazy and intense about football. I am normally such a normal coolheaded dude that sometimes I suprise myself by doing things like throwing up a little in my mouth when I see Uof U junk and stuff like that. Or the time I could not watch the super bowl and spiked a VHS tape in a moment of rage. Not a proud moment but I found out that you can spike a tape and it might not break. This is a preseason thank you to my wife. Thanks Babe for letting me be who I am and still loveing me and even playing along sometimes. She avoids the color red during the fall. What a woman. She even bought me season tickets two years ago for our anniversery. We were at the 13th floor of the Joseph Smith Building and the couple was getting engaged next to us. Well needless to say I was more excited about my season tickets than that girl was about her ring. I even cried a little I was so happy. That was so awesome. Well now that I have rambled on I will leave you with a famous quote " Its so hot here Benny I am bakin like a toasted cheeser"


  1. Ha ha thank you for bringing up that painful subject of school, I believe the summer has gone by so fast!! Too fast actually if only school would go as fast as summer does!! :( I thought it was hot down here yesterday it was like 103 I'd hate to see how hot it was down there! :D Good Luck! :D

  2. Babe. Your football addiction is quite a thing, but I am just SO grateful it's not baseball. Because there are about 3 times as many baseball games! Truth is, I used to love football until we had to eat, breath, sleep, and live football! Now I am coming back and can handle it in moderation! I still love you! And I still love BYU! Go Cougars!