Friday, July 24, 2009

three truths and one lie story 1. Merry Christmas.

Yes my wife has convinced me to give this story format a go so here goes four exciting story's from my life.

Last Christmas we went to Trinas family Christmas party at one of her Uncles house. We were all having a great time the house was crowded and full of fun christmas spirit. We had a fun delicious dinner and were just starting into dessert when the incident happened we were all crowded in the living room and I decided to be extra friendly to trinas cousin who I was trying to be extra friendly too. So I walked over to her sat down and said hi there blank (names have been changed to protect all parties involved.) I then grabbed her leg not hard but just in the friendly knee squeeze. Well from blanks reaction you would have thought I had squoze her leg off. She lost it and started hitting me in a failed attempt to beat the living crap out of me. After a good solid minute of this futile beating she wore her self out so I asked if she had hurt herself by hitting me so hard so many times. I said this to prevent myself from getting upset and throwing blank through the window into the cold. Well I went back to eating my piece of pie while the rest of the family just stared at me in shock wondering what the heck that one was all about. And frankly I was trying to figure it out myself. So there I sat calm and mad but completly under control. A minute later blank returned with a glass of cold water that she felt the need to throw on me. So she did. And there i sat wet, eating undercooked apple pie not really feeling the christmas spirit anymore and trying not to lose my cool. Because I love my wife and her family I chose to stay reasonable and not spill any blood at the family christmas party. At the time this was a huge insult and i was madder than heck. But now looking back it was such a absurd incident that I can't help but laugh. And I completly avoid blank because windows are expensive and not easily replaced.


  1. Jonny you're my hero! I would have killed her!!! Good work you have amazing self control!