Friday, October 16, 2009

What kind of kid was I?

Today I watched kids so my sis and lovely wife could go have some fun. And I have been thinking what kind of kid was I. There are all types of kids, short kids , fat kids, kids that climb on rocks. I had five of the little buggers all morning. Here is a brief explanation of these little rug rats.
K.J. The oldest of the Allred grand kids. KJ is a good kid with a gentle heart that is sometimes mistaken for being girly. Sometimes I think KJ is more manly than most of us because he cares. Cares about others, feelings, thoughts, actions and desires. He then takes this caring and turns it into action. Real men care, and one day KJ will truly be a real man. And one day he will score a touchdown while being a really caring man.
Addy is a bundle of love. She is sensitive and I am already scared of the thirteen year old version of Addy. She loves me and loves to help when it suits what she wants to do. She is smart and loves to learn.
Lieghna is crazy, fun, hungry, loves to laugh, mischievous, and a great friend. She lives life with passion . Her foot on the gas all the time.
Olivia, She is figuring herself out. She is a cute monster. she is fun and leighnas partner in crime. And she can eat, as long as it is not bread. She ate a can of spaghetios by herself, what a gal.
Port. He is my buddy. Calmer than his sisters. He loves balls and tools and trucks. He is not afraid of much. He loves to laugh.
Every kid has there strengths, and weaknesses like we adults do. Some strengths we keep, some we lose and the weaknesses are the same. I look forward to getting to know these kids as adults they have endless potential.

PS I was a awesome kid.


  1. Dude, I missed a totally awesome post! what the heck, it didn't update on my thing. thanks for watching my kids. thanks for being nice to my kids. thanks for saying those things about my kids. kj WILL;; be a caring touchdown maker. livi IS a cute monster. your kids are sweethearts, and did you know your wife spells your daughter's name add-I-E? just for your information. love ya!

  2. Great insight you have there. They also have a great uncle to follow after, how can they go wrong?