Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A life of glaomour and high fashion.

Life sometimes seems very odd. There are those days when you feel completely at peace at your place in the universe. You are just content, not ecstatic or overwhelmed with joy but content. Today I want content. Content sounds nice, to be right where I am, and who i am and find myself at peace. But life sometimes is not that way. I live with two very wild and crazy little girls who do not like content, they like drama. And in this life of little girl drama resides me and my wife. I am afraid that if some prince knocked on my door she would be gone. He would not even have to be handsome or charming, just a Prince. And there I would be with two drama queens and prt. And she would live a life with maids and servants and money to spare. Heck I am a boring person even the color that looks best on me is boring, Brown. Well if anyone sees a Prince in my neighborhood looking for a address run him over for me, or at least mislead him a little, tell him we moved to Bogota.

1 comment:

  1. You are my prince, why would I leave with any one else???? Love you!