Thursday, December 3, 2009

My mom and the who, what, why, and whens of Jill.

The Who. No not the rock band the WHO, my mom. My mom is the greatest, she is kind yet firm. (She will let me have a diet Pepsi but with limits and a accusation of me drinking a whole twelve pack.) She is funny and most people would not guess it, but a lot of our humor comes from her. She is a wise counselor and a great listener. She is a worrier, its a art form really, and she is the, Da Vinci of worriers. I think she sometimes worries about twenty year old stuff just for kicks and giggles. She is love, pure and sweet. She is alot like a thin mint, the good ones, sweet clear through. Yet she has layers and you end up eating the whole box and hiding it from granny. I think Matt did that and told me about it.
What? Mom is a warm half drunk diet Pepsi. Mom is fighting off a migraine. Mom is a back seat driver. Mom is lunch at Costco. Mom is taking time for each one of her kids. Mom is a fun Grandma. Mom is a great friend. Mom is sometimes a lot Iona sometimes a little.
Why? Mom is who she is because of three major choices she has made. First to be a active member of her own family and stay close to them. She loves her brother and sisters completely. And her parents shaped her into who she is today. Second she chose her testimony of Christ over the easy way out. She could have decided four kids and church was a bad idea. She could have decided it was easier to stay home. But she stuck to her faith and we made her pay for it every Sunday for several years. I just want to say thanks Mom. Thanks ETERNALLY.
Third was her choice to marry my Dad. Not easy, not the popular choice. But the right one. It was easy to decide to get married when I did, because I had a great example of how happy a marriage could be. They are still boyfriend and girlfriend.
When? I think of my mom every day. When I see a diet Pepsi. When I make a important decision. She is always there to listen and give her advise. She is more than just a Mom she is a friend. She is comfort after a crappy day. She is the manager in your corner that kicks you back in the ring even though she knows you might lose. And when you do lose there is no better place than in her arms because she give great hugs.
Love ya MOM


  1. that IS our mom. i shall think of her as a warm diet pepsi from now on.

  2. I never knew she was a warm diet pepsi -- can't believe she has gone to the competition-I thought coke would be in her blood. You forgot to mention she is a great, supportive, aunt . . . Love her!