Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have a deep dark secret, I lip sing and have for years. Three years in choir and I sang for real very rarely. I lack the talent. I loved sitting next to my brother Matt, He has the talent, I got the looks. Actually He got the talent, Nick got the looks, Marie got the feminism, and I got, I got.... Still thinking. Still thinking. Oh yeah I got the ability to lip sing. Wow am I lucky. I could give MILLY VANILLI a run for there money I was that good. Sure I sang when it counted but when it did not matter I spared everyone the torture. Even today I hum the hymns in church. I could hum your socks off. As a senior in High School I went to All State Choir, but I went as Matt and was warned to not sing by our Choir director unless it was absolutely necessary. And usually my voice was not needed. But I did get to lip sing in the Tabernacle and that was a highlight of my lip singing career. Did you know you can hear a pin drop across the tabernacle, but you can't hear a lip singer across it, weird acoustics huh. Well there is my confession.


  1. you do lip sing with the best of them...but I've heard you belt out some Carpenter''re amazing at the oohs and aahs!

  2. Love your senses of humor kind sir, btw- you got the name - made it so we could have jonnycake for so many years . . . have a wonderful lip singing career . . . if you are ever in concert please let me know. I would love to attend.