Saturday, May 22, 2010


Since this is the least read blog in the world I really feel no need to write but oh well here goes another post. My kids are great. I made the joke that we sometimes celebrate mediocraty in life, but when it involves your kid there is no such thing. To my kid everything is worth celebrating and fun. They truly know what life is all about. Mostly life is about fun and the pursuit of love. Love comes easily for my kids. Unless they want the same thing and then war comes easily. But overall peace usually rules the day. Imagine if your whole goal for the day was to have fun all day and when the day comes to a end demand a bedtime story and a sack of flour ride to bed. We in the adult world live in a constent death spiral. We sometimes focus on the, I wish I had instead of the what I haves. The wish I hads if allowed to dominate your thoughts will never bring happiness and only leave you feeling incomplete and like you never progress. The what I haves can bring you great joy and when you strive to be grateful for what you have you magically are content. The bigger car the nicer house the bigger better bow quickley become old and are not so bigger and better. The. "they are so much better than me" does not lift you up as much as the I am a great person, I am awesome. And that is what is so great everyone is Awesome, even good old Barrack has a little Awesome, just look at those ears, Awesome.


  1. having your own kids makes it easier to understand why the Savior commands us to be like little children. they truly are amazing.

    and how can we READ your blog if you never UPDATE your blog? it could be a very read blog, silly old bear.